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The ultimate guide to Christmas gifts for wine lovers

It’s the most wonderful time of year… and that means buying Christmas gifts for those you love. And in a year that’s brought us the pandemic and lots of stress, it’s time to treat the wine lover in your life.

But not all wine Christmas gifts are the same. Buying for a friend who knows their vineyards and for a family member who just likes to drink an easy bottle of red is entirely different. Then there’s all the gadgets and accoutrement that goes with wine hobbyists. Whoever you’re shopping for, you’ll find something in our carefully selected suggestions for your Christmas gifts.

7 great Christmas gifts for wine lovers selected by Ideal Wine Company

  • Electronic wine aerator and dispenser

Are you even a wine lover if you don’t have an aerator? It’s an essential gadget to add life to any wine – even the cheapest. An aerator basically speeds up the process of aerating red wine, adding to its depth and flavour.

This rather beautiful aerator from Vita Saggia runs on batteries and all you need to do is push a button for perfectly oxidised red wine. It’ll fit any standard bottle of wine and is designed for easy use. It also keeps sediments safely at the bottom of the bottle.

  • A flexible yet fancy wine carrier

How many times have you been at a festival or party and don’t want to carry heavy bottles round? This is the perfect gift for anyone who likes to take their favourite wine with them wherever they go. Maroon coloured with a vintage spin, the Vapur After Hours Vintage flexible wine carrier holds one standard bottle of wine. Made from nylon and BPA-free polyethylene, it’s an ideal accessory for those occasions where you just can’t take a bottle.

  • A classy trio of fine French wines

Think of this like a hamper but a really good one, specifically designed for lovers of the finest French vino. There are lots of different gift sets available, of course, but we think the carrying case for this one adds a further splash of elan. Each of the three classic wines is an award winner, and they’re gorgeously presented in an antique style wooden chest fastened with a brass latch.

  • The Riedel Decanter Mamba Fatto A Mano

Combining stunning design with functionality, this wine decanter is a world away from a traditional boring bottle. It’s pricier than the other items on this list, but it is designed by Maximilian Riedel himself, which is why it looks so stunning. The glass is optically blown in the style of Venetian glass makers, which is a rare technique these days. In addition, the shallow, wide base of the decanter properly aerates the wine.

  • A set of ten wine tools in a display case

There are lots of different sets of wine tools you can choose from. This set is a modestly priced option that makes a great practical gift for wine drinkers. Presented in a wooden box, the set consists of ten wine tools, including a professional grade corkscrew wine opener. In addition to the corkscrew, you’ll find two bottle stoppers, one wine thermometer, two spare corkscrew parts, one stainless steel wine cutter and one foil cutter.

  • A starter guide to fine wine investment

Investing in fine wine is a growing alternative asset class that is attracting many individual investors. If you know someone who is interested in starting their own wine collection or investing in fine wine, get them this handy book by wine broker Alex Andrawes. Investing in Fine Wine takes the reader through the world of fine wines, with explanations of strategies in buying, collecting and storing. The book also covers scams to avoid, winemaking traditions and much more.

  • The coolest wine decanter on the market

This is our second decanter on the list, but it’s entirely different in design and brings a touch of scientific cool to the table. Inspired by the classic Erlenmeyer flask, the Ethan + Ashe Lab decanter is functional, stylish and practical. Made from tough borosilicate with a stainless steel/silicone topper, it’s airtight and guaranteed to make any wine taste even better. 


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