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An expert guide to the five best wines for Autumn 2020

As we come to the end of one the strangest summers we’ve ever known, it is the perfect time to give you our pick of the best wines for Autumn.

Autumn is a time of warm colours and intense flavours. The natural world is changing, temperatures are dropping and we will soon enjoy a rich harvest of wild fruits and berries. It’s a time to tuck into hearty meals, get cosy in front of a warm fire as the nights draw in and dream of the vineyard tour you’ve booked for 2021. So while it may not seem that long since we posted about the best wines for summer, there are plenty of great wines to enjoy as the seasons change.

Your guide to the best wines for Autumn 2020

From hearty reds to complex and fragrant whites, we’ve tried to include something for everyone. Many of these vintages are reaching their peak right now, so pick up a bottle and enjoy.

Bogle Vineyard California Chardonnay, 2018
When people think of wines for Autumn, they often turn to reds. And it’s no surprise, as the rich, warm flavours of a good red are perfect for this time of year. But there are also plenty of whites that make the ideal companion on a cool Autumn evening. This Chardonnay is a splash of Californian sunshine, with vanilla and nutmeg notes and plenty of citrus zip.

Lapostolle, Vigno Carignan, Maule Valley, Chile, 2016
Autumn is all about the berries, and this Chilean red is full of them. It is absolutely packed full of blackberry flavour and has a bold, hearty feel to it. And yet despite this, it is also still a subtle, complex wine that also has hints of cherry and liquorice. A very special red wine with a smoky Autumnal feel – one for Bonfire Night perhaps?

Veronese Rosso IGT “Campofiorin”, 2016 Magnum – Masi
This is the one to open and enjoy with a hearty meal. Campofiorin goes perfectly with that other Autumn classic: mushrooms. Packed full of flavour, it has enough body to hold its own against those strong, earthy tastes. Throw another log on the fire and enjoy this one.

Maison Tardieu-Laurent – Tardieu-Laurent Côtes-Du-Rhône Les Becs Fins Blanc, 2018
If you’re getting tired of spicy reds this Autumn, why not try this beautiful white wine from the Tardieu family in the Southern Rhône? They’ve blended Viognier, Grenache Blanc, Marsanne Rousanne and Clairette grapes to produce a classic aromatic white. It is as crisp as an October evening, and goes wonderfully with roast vegetables.

Collefrisio, Semis Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 2012
There’s no great mystery around Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. It’s well known as simply one of the best value Italian reds out there and it’s perfect for Autumn. It has a fruity honesty about it that goes well with lots of different meals. This particular vintage is one of our favourites. It has been aged in oak for two years and has plenty of those fruit flavours packed in with a delicious spiciness. Highly recommended.


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