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Sotheby’s Wine Encyclopedia Latest Edition

The latest edition of Sotheby’s wine encyclopedia was released on the 27th of October 2020 and was first published in 1988. So much has changed since its first publication; there have been several updated editions of this comprehensive guide to keep up with the ever evolving world of wine.

Sotheby’s auction house has been auctioning fines wines since 1970, so they are excellently positioned as an authority on wine

Tom Stevenson has been a wine writer for over 40 years and won numerous literary awards, including Wine Writer of the Year several times. He also holds the only Lifetime Achievement award for wine writers.

In 1998, Tom was the first person to publish a 17th-century document proving Dom Pérignon didn’t invent sparkling wine and that it was in fact developed in England, 6 years prior to Pérignon arriving at Hautvillers. Mr Stevenson has far more accolades than we can fit in, suffice to say, he is revered in the world of wine.

Previous editions were written solely by Tom Stevenson; however, the wine world has grown considerably since its first publication. This new edition required more contributors by a greater number of wine experts. As the book contains incredible accuracy, it is required reading for those taking their Master of Wine or Master Sommelier exam.

The world has changed dramatically over the past ten years, and Sotheby’s wine encyclopedia has been updated to highlight the most recent trends within the wine industry. The National Geographic published book contains over 400 stunning images and brand new maps to reflect the changes that have evolved in the past decade.

The encyclopedia is organised geographically, highlighting the regions and appellations that produce the best wine vintages in the world. Packed with detailed information which will enthral everyone from wine novices to oenophile’s, this wine encyclopedia certainly hits the right notes, including detailed information on winemakers, vineyards, wine tasting experiences, flavour notes, grape insight, and rare wine varietals.

The Sotheby’s wine encyclopedia latest edition also features expert sommelier advice, including a tasting chart to enhance your palate, a section on how to spot faults in wines, what winemakers to look out for, rare wines and which wines pair with what foods. There is even a section detailing the history of wine right back to 500m B.C.

The book contains fascinating details, such as a single yeast cell can split 10,000 sugar molecules into ethanol and carbon dioxide every second during fermentation. Also, in 1087, the Domesday Book recorded 47 vineyards in England.

Whether you are a wine enthusiast who would like to know more about the rich history of wine and how to increase your overall knowledge, or you are a wine investor or collector. The Sotheby’s wine encyclopedia will, without doubt, provide you with profoundly valuable information on the world of wine and look fabulous on your bookshelf, to boot.


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