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It just goes to show how lucrative and worthwhile fine wine investment is when bottles of the finest Bordeaux surpass Hermès handbags as the most sought after luxury investment.

Of course, here at the Ideal Wine Company, we have always known that fine wines make not only an intelligent investment but are also enjoyable to collect and quaff.

According to Knight Frank’s Luxury Investment Index, fine wine investment came out above designer handbags, watches and cars. Bordeaux was the clear winner and just goes to show that the classics remain as popular as ever. The Knight Frank report says, “The Knight Frank Fine Wine Icons Index has risen by 120% in the last decade.”

In a recent analysis by The Drinks Business, the average price of investment grade wines increased by 13 per cent. If that doesn’t convince you that investing in fine wine is a good idea, we don’t know what will.

Rare Scotch whisky and Hermès handbags were once the jewels in the crown of investment; however, not the case in 2020 and 2021. 1996 and 2000 vintages of Bordeaux were the drivers of fine wine investment prosperity worldwide. This growth doesn’t seem to be slowing and is a relatively safe market to invest in and sees year on year growth.

The Bordeaux 2020 en primeur campaign.

It is quite clear that few vintages can rival the Bordeaux en primeur in the fine wine calendar. Despite the ongoing challenges faced by the hospitality industry, fine wine has remained relatively stable thanks to people continuing to collect and enjoy fine wines from the comfort of their own homes.

While Italian wines, Californian wines and Champagne have received a great deal of attention in recent months, Bordeaux continues to dominate with prices up on average around 5% and younger vintages seeing first growths of around 10%.

Coco Chanel’s vineyard holding an exciting auction in October.

As reported in The Drinks Business, Sotheby’s is presenting a selection of untouched vintage wines direct from Coco Chanel’s vineyards in an upcoming auction this month. The sale comprises over 900 lots and features a range of sixty rare vintages, estimated to be worth £730,000. The sale is to celebrate Chanel’s ownership of Rauzan-Ségla and Canon in the wine region of Bordeaux for over 25 years.

Some of the wines date back to 1927 and come right up to date with 2020 vintages with standard sized bottles all the way up to Melchior, which is 18 litres. In fact, the highest priced wine is a rare bespoke barrel of Château Canon 2020, estimated at £24,000 – £32,000.

The wines are open for bidding on 15th October and go to live auction on 29th October at Sotheby’s in London.

Several exclusive experiences are reportedly included in the sale. They include vineyard tours, stays at the Châteaux, trips to Chanel’s art houses, perfumery in Grasse, flower fields, and Coco Chanel’s apartment in Paris.

It is clear that there is much to look forward to with the fine wine industry and that investing in fine wines remains a stable and worthwhile investment.


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