Why wine-lovers should visit this Italian village

Italy is packed with gorgeous towns and vineyards for wine lovers to visit. Places like Montepulciano, Barolo and Montefalco regularly attract wine buffs wanting to holiday in wine producing regions. The village of Bolgheri in central Tuscany is one of the lesser-known wine destinations, even though its region produces all kinds of expensively acclaimed wines.

Wine lovers should visit Tuscany

Bolgheri is a beautiful village in Tuscany with much outside of wine to recommend it too. The road to the village is called the Viale dei Cipressi and is one of the most famous in the country thanks to its dramatic corridor of trees. More than 2000 cypress trees line the 5km road to the village.

The village is rooted in the Middle Ages, like many villages in this region of Italy. The Castello di Bolgheri was built during this time, leading to the arrival of the della Gheradesca family. Their descendants still own the castle today, and their legacy helped lay the foundations for famous Tuscan wines. When the family inherited land with potential for grape cultivation, they pioneered wine that would eventually end up labelled ‘Super Tuscan’.

Many wine estates in the region

Wine lovers staying in Bolgheri can use the village as a base from which they can visit many other estates. Among these are Ornellaia, which was launched by Lodovico Antinori, and is now owned by the Frescobaldis, another important wine family from Italy.

Another must-visit is Podere Sapaio in Donoratico, which produces Volpolo DOC and Sapaio Bolgheri Superiore, two very popular wines. Various travel companies specialise in high-end winery tours, with tastings available in the Bolgheri region at many smaller wineries.

Yet another noted wine maker in the region is the Castello di Bolgheri, which is nestled among 130 hectares of land. Its label of the same name is a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, and its cellar can be visited. People who really want to get a flavour of this wine region can stay at one of the farmhouses on the estate.

The village itself boasts a number of restaurants and eating places that serve up amazing Tuscan food with wines to match. Try Enoteca Tognoni for hearty portions and delicious wines.


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