Why Should You Invest in Vintage Champagne For New Year?

As 2013 draws to a close we turn our attention to 2014. A New Year full of new opportunities, 2014 is the latest undiscovered new frontier on our horizon and we at ideal Wine Company imagine all of you readers out there can’t wait to make your mark on the New Year.

That’s why the New Year festival matters so much. You hear so much discussion in the modern era on the needlessness of the holiday, but we would argue that it is the chance to reinvent yourself. It is the chance to draw a line in the sand and embrace new opportunities and experiences.

This is why you need to ring in the New Year with style and ceremony. Don’t let this opportunity to make a statement go by. Invest in elegant cuisine, throw a sumptuously decadent party and top it all off by bedecking yourself in garments that give you the confidence to make that fresh start.

The New Year is the time to indulge, let go and celebrate. That is why we at the Ideal Wine Company would argue that it must be rung in with vintage champagne. Hear us out while we make our case.

It’s practically British tradition to celebrate the holiday of renewal with a glass of champagne. After all, the excitement of the day makes us want to mark it as an occasion. In Britain, as well as across the world, we see champagne as the ultimate tipple to bring a feeling of special occasion to any celebration.

More than that champagne is the symbol of the aspirational lifestyle. We see it as the drink of the great and the good, the rich and the famous. It makes sense then that champagne is the perfect drink for a celebration that sees many of us embrace the concept of self-improvement.

So why go vintage? Quite frankly, it makes a statement. Vintage champagne goes one step further than its newer cousin. Whereas champagne symbolizes success and aspiration, vintage champagne symbolises an ambition to shoot yourself into the stratosphere. It lets everybody know that 2014 is going to be a great year for you!

At the Ideal Wine we offer several luxury vintage champagnes on our product list. If you want to ring in the New Year as one to remember, take the unique opportunity to ring it in with a vintage champagne you can be sure will make a mark on every single person in the room.


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