What Wine Will You Be Getting For Your Valentine?


The official day of love is almost upon us and no Valentine’s Day date is complete without a bottle or luxury wine to get you both in the mood. That is why this week the Ideal Wine Company has decided to ask what wine will you be getting for your Valentine?


Each type of wine has its own merits and its own drawbacks. Rather than go through every wine on our extensive luxury wine list, we thought we’d go through types. Which type of wine is the best to use to set and atmosphere and get your partner in the mood?




An absolute classic, champagne is the ultimate luxury wine to get you and your partner in the mood. A light yet bubble laced drink, Champagne just tastes of romance and the price tag makes you feel like it’s a special occasion. However the price tag can mean that it’s not for everyone.


We have a whole host of luxury champagnes on the Ideal Wine Company list, if you want something that will really make the evening perfect why not try our Dom Perignon 2000 which you can get for as little as £140 a  bottle


Red Wine


Red wine’s heavier texture makes it a perfect one for sitting with your partner by the fire and battling away the winter chill. Red wine sits nicely on your tongue and gives you that little extra flavor you need to set the night off perfectly


We have many red wines available or you, however considering the nature of Valentine’s Day you might want to go for a lighter Bordeaux.  Why not try our Chateau Latour 1983 which you can purchase for £429.


White Wine


White wine is the most versatile type of wine there is; you can get all types that cater to all flavours. If you’re not sure what type of wine your partner will most appreciate then white wine really is the way to go.


For Valentine’s we’d suggest a nice dry white. Dry white is one that most people like and it goes well with a lot of lighter pasta based dishes, perfectly complimenting your Valentine’s meal. We’d suggest from our list the Harlan Estate 1998 which you can buy for £429.



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