What is Vinotherapy?

The Ideal Wine Company asks: what is vinotherapy?

Have you heard the term ‘vinotherapy’ bandied around at your favourite spa? If so, the Ideal Wine Company is about to slake your curiosity, as we explain how this radical beauty treatment uses wine to make your skin glow.

Drinking wine is good for you (in moderation)

Any reader of the Ideal Wine Company blog knows that wine is good for you. The old adage that you should drink two glasses of red wine a day has a ring of truth to it.

Red wine contains an antioxidant called resveratrol. This has a number of health benefits. This means that if you drink red wine in moderation it can, according to various studies, be better for your health than the gym and improve mental health.


You can reap these benefits by drinking wine, but did you know that increasingly, spas and beauty treatment centres around the world and pouring wine over peoples’ skin as well?

This is known as Vinotherapy. This is a beauty therapy process where the residue of wine making, the pips and the pulp of the grapes, are rubbed into your skin. A typical vinotherapy treatment often involves a bath filled with hot red wine and strategically placed jets that are designed to boost circulation.

Why is red wine good for your skin?

Vinotherapy style techniques are utilised by The Allison Inn and Spa in the US state of Oregon. Tara Carlton, the director of this chic 5 star spa, recently explained why wine has the ability to make your skin glow.

Carlton was quoted by Yahoo Beauty explaining that “most people don’t understand the level of antioxidants within the grape skin and seed.” She went on to note that “when antioxidants called polyphenols get absorbed into the skin, they keep skin cells healthier, by helping them produce more collagen.”

Try vinotherapy with a bottle of the Ideal Wine Company’s finest!

In other words vinotherapy utilises the natural properties of wine to provide your skin with a fresh, healthy looking glow. If you want to try this amazing beauty treatment for yourself why not give it a go with several bottles of the Ideal Wine Company’s finest! If that doesn’t work, you can always drink them instead!


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