Vancouver International Wine Festival to Return in 2016

If you’re looking for a wine holiday destination in 2016, you might want to consider flying out to Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. The International Wine Festival is back in Vancouver for 2016.

Canadian consumption

As a rule of thumb, the art of wine making tends to be restricted to countries which boast temperate, or even Mediterranean climates. That’s why, for example, French regions such as Bordeaux are celebrated for their famous wine making cultures. If you want to learn why Bordeaux vintages are so beloved by wine enthusiasts across the world, buy the Chateau Haut Brion 1996, a vibrant red that’ll set your taste buds alight, from the Ideal Wine Company today!

On the other hand countries like Canada which have cool, even artic climates, aren’t known for their wine making abilities. The Canadians may not be great wine producers, but they’re massive consumers of our favourite tipple. Figures quoted by The Star, an online news publication, show that Canada is one of the world’s top consumers of imported red, white and rose wine. In 2014, they drank a staggering 32.7 million cases of foreign brands.

Vancouver International Wine Festival

The Canadian city of Vancouver, in the South West of the country, loves foreign wine so much that it hosts an International Wine Festival every year. Its organisers bill the occasion as “Canada’s premier food and wine event,” adding that it has three mandates. These are to:

  • Provide an informative, educational and entertaining wine experience.
  • Act as a premier marketing opportunity for the wine industry, especially brands which partner with the Festival.
  • Raise money for Vancouver’s ‘Bard on the Beach’ Theatre Society.

The Vancouver International Wine Festival was established in 1979. Back then it only featured one vintner, Robert Mondavi, and was attended by a thousand people. It soon grew; in 1996 the Festival began shinning a spotlight on different wine regions each year, starting off with Bordeaux, France. From there, the Vancouver International Wine Festival grew in popularity and today attracts some of the biggest names in the industry.

2016 Festival

Local news site Van City Buzz recently reported that the Vancouver International Wine Festival will return in 2016. The 38th annual Festival will be held at the Vancouver Convention Centre, from 20th February 2016 – 28th February 2016. Once again, the event will provide attendees with the opportunity to visit educational seminars, winery dinners, tastings, and food and wine pairing classes.

This year’s Festival will showcase products from 156 wineries, located across 14 countries worldwide. The event’s theme this time around will be Italian Wine, and 60 of the wineries set to be featured are based in Italy. If you’re thinking about attending this year’s Vancouver International Wine Festival and you want to know more about its current theme, purchase the Antinori Tignanello Toscana IGT 1990 from the Ideal Wine Company. This rich Italian red will knock your socks off!


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