Use These Five Tips to Help Store Your Luxury Vintage

Once you’ve purchased your luxury vintage, you need to ensure you maintain its quality. Use these tips from Ideal Wine Company to help store your wine.

Luxury Wine Needs Tender Loving Care!

At the Ideal Wine Company, we understand that luxury wine isn’t just something you buy on a whim and quaff in one night. Whether you’ve bought it as an investment, or as a centrepiece for a special occasion, you need to store it away until the time is right.

The complex subtleties of the flavours that typify luxury bottles, often mean that storing wine is easier said than done. Store in the wrong conditions? It can drastically drive down the quality of your drink. You need to know then, how best to store your wine to maintain its flavour.

Ideal Wine Company’s Five Top Tips

At Ideal Wine Company, we’re experts when it comes to storing wine. It’s kind of our job!  That means we’ve picked up some handy tips for storing luxury bottles along the way, and we thought we’d share our top five with you…

1)      Let the Wine be Your Guide: We’ve mentioned to you before that white wine needs storing in a cool place and red in a warm place right? Let the type of wine you have on your hands be your guide on how to store it i.e. white goes in the fridge because it’s cool.

2)      Look for Stability: When it comes to temperature, you need to find a storage location that can keep the temperature stable. Basically, if the temperature changes too quickly, it could cause the wine to expand and contract, pushing the cork out and causing seepage.

3)      Keep the Lights Off: Don’t store by a window whatever you do. The sun’s UV rays have been known to prematurely age wine, damaging the flavour. Best bet? Store wine somewhere really dark! That’s why people have wine cellars!

4)      Don’t Embrace Humidity: There’s an old myth that dry air will dry out corks, which would permit air to spoil the wine. Unless you store it in the Sahara, that isn’t true. However, if you store your wine in a place with too much humidity, it can promote mould. Look for a balance.

5)      Don’t Shake: More paranoid collectors do tend to worry about the effects of shaking on wine. Whilst it’s minimal usually, if you’re dealing with an older bottle (i.e. a luxury vintage) it could be an issue. It could shake up the sediment, damaging the taste. Just to be safe, don’t store wine anywhere it could be shaken up!


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