US overtakes France as the world’s biggest wine market

Here at Ideal Wine Company we sell wine to people all over the world. Last week we were interested to spot figures released from the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) that suggested the USA has now overtaken France as the biggest market for wine.

On the whole it seems that wine consumption is steadying after years over rapid growth around the world. Consumption is even falling in countries such as Spain, Italy, France and China.

The US wine market

US wine drinkers consumed 29.1 million hectolitres or 2.9 billion litres of wine in 2013. This is a higher figure than previous years. Meanwhile French consumption dropped by 7%. France still drinks more wine per head than the USA but it appears that the growing market is in America.

The American market is also hot on high quality wines, many US citizens are choosing to spend more on higher quality luxury wines.


Worldwide consumption

Consumption of wine across the world as whole again fell by 1%, but after so much growth in the past this figure comes as no surprise as the market begins to level out.  Positive news comes from countries such as South Africa, Romania, and the main South American Countries (Argentina, Chile and Brazil) who have recorded a year on year growth in wine consumption.

The value of world trade for wine increased 1.5% last year with bottled still wines at 71% and sparkling wines at 17%. The IOV expects wine consumption to increase again in 2014.


What the Ideal Wine Company expect of 2014

What we at the Ideal Wine Company take from these figures is encouraging. The growth of the American and South America market is very encouraging. What’s even more exciting for us is the increasing market for high quality wines.

Here at the Ideal Wine Company we’re specialists in providing high end wines to our clients. The increasing appetite for high quality, well produced and often boutique wines means that real lovers of fine wine are growing and this is the type of market that our company likes to serve.


Wine enthusiasts

We love to speak to people who are enthusiastic about good wine. It doesn’t matter if the person has just discovered wine for the first time or the person has been an experienced wine tasters for many years.

Wherever you’re based in the world, be it the UK, South America, China or the USA, the Ideal Wine Company will speak your language when it comes to wine. Get in touch with us now to speak to a wine expert and order for your own cellar.


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