Tips for mixing up white wine

At the Ideal Wine Company we recognise that not everybody likes to drink their white wine straight up, some people have different tastes. So we thought we spend some time this we giving you some tips and tricks you can use to put a different spin on white wine.

White wine naturally is the most versatile type of wine there is. You can get white wines that differ dramatically in the fruit they’re flavoured with, how dry they are, how sweet they are etc. and this means that there really is a type of white wine for everybody out there.

However different types of white wine suit different people, some people don’t want to drink white wine straight up. Some people like variety, to stray from the norm. So how can you do this?

You could always make a white wine spritzer by adding soda or lemonade to roughly half a glass of white wine. The best thing about a spritzer is that not only does it add extra fizz to your drink; it can make the wine less dry or sweet, depending on whether you use soda or lemonade, so that it suits your tastes.

Or why not try ice wine. Wine on the rocks is a surprisingly popular drink in the hot months of the summer. Despite the fact that people don’t think of white wine as an ‘on the rocks’ type drink most bars offer it and the water means that the alcohol content gets watered down a little and the drink won’t go to your head.

Or why not try adding a champagne liqueur. A champagne liqueur is a type of flavoured liqueur that you add to champagne to give it a little kick. However because champagne is so similar to white wine you can use it with white wine as well. It tastes wonderful and you can get different flavours depending on what you want out of your glass of wine.

Or why not try adding juice. It may seem an unusual choice and you may need to experiment with measures but juice can really work with white wine. Why not try orange or lemon juice for an interesting drink. Try it out and see what you think.

White wine is an amazing drink but sometimes we all want a little change and we experiment. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your glass of white wine, you might be surprised with what you get.


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