The Ideal Red Wines and the Meals That Go With Them

Have you ever heard that classic myth about how two glasses of red wine a day are actually a great way to keep healthy? Well surprisingly, it’s true. The anti-oxidants you get in red wine are fantastic for your health, especially for your blood. That’s why at the Ideal Wine Company we suggest you get down to your local wine dealer and buy the most sumptuous, luxurious bottle of red you possibly can. There are so many on offer; each red wine has so many fantastic characteristics and such a distinctive taste, that they’ll all leave your head spinning!

But that’s the problem isn’t it, which Red do you get? Red wines, known to be fuller of body and a lot heavier than their white and rose counterparts, are the perfect types of wine to have with heavier meals, especially in winter. This is because the heavy natures of red wines go better with substantial dishes that fill you up and provide real sustenance. If you’re looking for the perfect wine to pair with some classic red wine meals then see our list of some of them most popular red wines and the meals they go with.

Pinot Noir

A classic statement wine that’s typical of the French Burgundy Region, a classic wine growing haven for the French, Pinot Noir is a classy red, every bit the red equivalent in status and popularity of the white Pinot Grigio. A medium red, not too strong or heavy and not fruity either, its versatility lends it to mix well with strong cheese, red pasta, pork, poultry and beef dishes. Often called ‘the best wine in the world’ by experts, its taste, texture and versatility make it the Prince of red wines.


One of the oldest recorded wines in the world, Merlot was actually first brought over to Britain by the French, at the height of the Roman Empire in the first Century AD. A distinctly stronger red than the lighter Pinot Noir, nevertheless it still pairs fantastically well with strong cheese and beef dishes. However Merlot is also the perfect Red to have with a nice bar of chocolate. In that way you can say Merlot is all about decadence and indulgence.

Cabernet Sauvignon

One of the most beloved wines in the world, Cabernet Sauvignon is a truly heavy red that’ll knock your socks off and warm you right from your head to your toes on a cold winter’s night. A truly complex wine with many distinctive flavours, Cabernet Sauvignon is particularly effective when paired with lamb and game dishes, as the heavy nature of the meat needs something with real depth to underscore its flavours.

Ruby Port

The heaviest red wine you can possibly drink, Ruby Port is known as a wine enthusiasts drink, as its heavy nature really isn’t for everyone. This is a wine that originated from the vineyards of Portugal, and was popularised by the English during the wars with the French as an alternative to French wines. Port’s unique character makes it the perfect complement to anything with strong cheese or chocolate.


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