How to start a Wine Collection

Establishing a wine collection can prove very rewarding. Wine is truly unique, with numerous styles and vintages available, making it a natural fit for collecting, as there’s always something new to acquire. In order to help you get started, Ideal Wine Company explains how to start a wine collection.

Learn the lingo

Wine-making is complex and over time, the industry has developed its own language. It is advisable to familiarise yourself with key wine-making terms, such as vintage, terroir and chateau, so you can read wine tasting notes accurately, allowing you to source quality bottles. Visit the Glossary Page on Ideal Wine Company’s official site to learn more about essential wine terminology.

Determine your tastes

There’s no substitute for experience. We would suggest that you taste any wine before you buy it, to determine whether it’s a quality product worthy of your collection. It is also key that you determine what kind of wine you like, before starting a collection, because ultimately, wine is your passion. Otherwise you may buy into wine trends and lose your passion for collecting your favourite tipple.

Be reasonable

When it comes to wine collecting, it can be easy to get carried away. Keep wine spending within reasonable limits, so you can establish a strong collection over time, without depleting your bank account. Industry portal Wine Folly advises you to start off small, so you can learn about the process of researching, buying and storing fine wine, gaining the experience needed to collect successfully.

Invest in good storage

It is key that you learn how to store wine, before you set up your collection. Wine possess a delicate balance of flavours, so unfavourable storage conditions can ruin the quality of the product. As a rule of thumb, you should store your wine in dark, dry places and keep temperatures stable. Many collectors choose to keep their wine in underground wine cellars, to benefit from good conditions.

Keep accurate records

Fine wine comes with various documentation, from tasting notes to purchase receipts. Store of these documents securely e.g. in a safety deposit box, so you can prove authenticity. You may also want to write a detailed description of the wine, noting any marks that make it unique. It is also a good idea to document the contents of your collection so as it grows, so you do not lose track of your wines.

Buying wine online

If you find good, quality wine and store it correctly, you will build up an extensive collection over time. With digital technologies, it has never been easier to find fantastic wines, as you can utilise the services of online retailers such as Ideal Wine Company. Buying wines online with us is really simple – just visit our website, find your wine, pay for your purchase and arrange delivery!


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