Which rosé wines are perfect for summer according to experts?

Most wine-lovers go through phases with rosé wines. There are at least a few youthful years spent drinking sickly sweet versions before tastes mature and you find yourself looking for something a bit more special.

Rosé wine is having somewhat of a renaissance at the moment, with plenty of new versions hitting the shelves. This time around popular rosé wines are paler, dryer and from regions like Provence. Whether you’re a big fan of all rosé wines, or you’re looking for something ideal for the hotter weather, here’s what some experts and wine lovers think.


Higher quality rosé wines


The quality seen in many rosé wines today is much higher than the cheap plonk of old, which is boosting its popularity even more. Winemakers are moving away from the very sweet, commercial style rosé wines, towards higher quality, dry wines.

Janet Harrison, founder of a wine tasting company, says that she loves rosé wine thanks to its versatility. She told Huffington Post that she likes the fact that rosé can be enjoyed on its own or with cubes of ice, and that it goes with all kinds of foods. She says: “It is a particularly good match with aromatic and Asian cuisine – which is really popular in the UK.”


Less alcohol, more flavour

Most rosé wines tend to be lower in alcohol, which matches the current trend for lower alcohol drinks. And there has also been plenty of celeb endorsement recently. Ex-footballer and husband of Posh Spice David Beckham has been shouting about Whispering Angel, a rosé that goes for about £60 in restaurants.

When selecting a rosé, it’s worth hunting out the perfect balance between sweet fruit and acidity. This is what sets the newer style, more sophisticated rosé wine apart from the older style sweet versions.

Luckily, there are enough rosé wines out there to suit every palate. If you prefer a light white, then choose a delicately pink rosé. These are generally called ‘Provence-style’ rosé wines and are light and fragrant. Darker pinks are ideal for people who love deep, juicy red wines, but it’s a good idea to avoid blushes if you want to avoid too much sweetness.

If you want to try a typical ‘Provence-style’ rosé wine, choose something like Chateau La Mascaronne Quat’ Saisons Cotes de Provence. It is packed with floral and fruit flavours, with a long, dry finish. It’s an organic wine from the 2018 vintage, made by chateau owner Tom Bove. Perfect for long, hot summer days.


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