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Red Wines That Taste Better Chilled

If you have always wanted to know why people chill red wine, you have come to the right place. Many red wines can be enjoyed chilled, and some wines need to be brought back to the right temperature by chilling if they have become too warm.

Just as white wines taste more vibrant and fresher when perfectly chilled, so do paler coloured red wines. Lighter coloured red wines are ideal to enjoy as chilled wine because their pale rouge is a sign they contain fewer tannins with the exceptions of Barolo and Xinomavro; despite their lighter colour, they tend to be on the heavy tannin side.

Generally speaking, most red wines, which are lighter in the depth of colour, stand up well to being chilled and can often taste better. The freshness and vibrancy from a chilled red wine is a joy to experience, especially on a warm spring or summer day. We certainly do not suggest you store your red wine in a fridge; what we’re suggesting is that certain red wines benefit from being cooled down to around 14 celsius by either placing for a short time in the fridge or wine cooler 30 minutes prior to drinking or us an ice jacket to bring the temperature down gently before you pour.

Red Wines That Make Excellent Chilled Wine

Some of the best wine varieties to chill are Gamay (Beaujolais), of course, Pinot Noir (especially new world), a good quality Grenache, Merlot, Agiorgitiko, Cinsault and Mencia, just to name a few.

How Not to Chill Red Wine

It may seem like a good idea to chill a wine glass before pouring your wine into it. The problem with this wine cooling method is that the glass doesn’t have enough surface area to sufficiently bring down the overall temperature of the wine sufficiently! Standard ice cubes are not a good idea as they will dilute the wine, and we’re not looking for a spritzer here. Reusable ice cubes could be a consideration but not ideal either.

Of course, you can pop it in the freezer, but please ensure you set a time for around 15 minutes or less. When you leave it too long, the cork can pop out, or the bottle can crack, and if it happens to be a sparkling red, it could end up exploding!

How to Enjoy Chilled Wine

The trick is to forward think. Whether you plan on enjoying a nice glass of chilled red wine at the end of the day or want to pull out something light and chilled for your next dinner party, timing your wine chilling is of paramount importance. You want to enhance the wine tasting experience. If you have a cold room in your house or a cold spot, you could also place your wine there for around an hour.

Chilled red wines pair well with tapas and lighter summer meals like salads, rice and pasta dishes. Warm summer nights are precisely the right time to serve and enjoy chilled red wine.

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