Ideal Wine Company red wines for Halloween

Our guide to the perfect red wines for Halloween

Having a well-stocked cellar is a good idea even for the casual wine lover. While some people may think wine collecting is for fine wine aficionados, there’s a lot to be said for having plenty in reserve for special occasions.

We’re approaching party season with all the delicious wines, champagnes, sparkling wines and dessert wines that entails. But before then, there’s a spookier reason to get stuck into some new wine choices.


Stock up on blood red wines for Halloween

When you’ve taken the kids out trick or treating, baked your Halloween treats, dressed them up and decorated your house, it’s time for a bit of adult ‘me time’. Whether you’re throwing a Halloween party or just want to kick back and watch some classic horror films, a blood red wine is the only drink of choice.

An aptly named wine range for this spooky time of year is the Casillero del Diablo from Chile. These are available in both red and white versions and offer an affordable choice. Widely available, these wines from the Concha y Toro winery even offer a premium red named ‘Diablo Dark Red’. The name couldn’t be more perfect for a Halloween choice, and it tastes pretty good too.


Red wines are perfect for colder evenings

Halloween comes with autumn temperatures, and the longer, colder evenings cry out for full-bodied red wines. For the ideal autumn red, go for something spicy and full, such as reds from the Rhone region. Or a reliable Shiraz from just about anywhere will also warm up your evenings, as will tempranillos from Spain.

For an even more warming treat for a cold evening, you could always opt for a fortified red. A glass of port may not be what you’d serve at a dinner party, but the sweet, strong flavour works beautifully for a ghostly evening in front of the TV. It could also fortify you against the influx of trick or treaters too! Here’s a small wine list for the ideal Halloween evening in.


Ideal Wine Company inspiration

For inspiration head to our website to browse fine wines fit for every occasion. You’ll find deep reds and delicious whites, as well as sparkling and festive choices.

Bulgarian shiraz – Zagreus St Dimitar Organic is a shiraz from the Thraciam Lowlands region of Bulgaria. At 13% ABV, it’s a rich, dark, blackcurranty sort of wine, with a hint of cinnamon and black pepper. Unsurprisingly, it goes particularly well with rich meat dishes, such as a hearty red meat stew. The ideal combo for a Halloween themed evening.

Chilean malbec and syrah blend – Diablo Dark Red 2018 is from the Maule Valley region in Chile. Another high alcohol content wine at 13.5% ABV, it’s oak aged in casks for six months, six weeks and six days (666). And while this is a blatant marketing grab, it also makes for a lovely, rich, plummy flavour of wine. Expect a sweet, deep, rounded red wine punctuated with cassis and plum. Goes well with lamb and beef dishes.

Vintage port – If you want to go all out on the fortified reds for Halloween, treat yourself to a bottle of Fonsecas Finest 1977 Vintage Port. This classic vintage is a dependable favourite from Fonseca, one of the finest producers of vintage port in the world. In addition, 1977 is a classic vintage, and this wine is now at the peak maturity. It’s not overly sweet either, with a fresh and fruity depth, that makes it a favourite with everyone.




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