Pop a Bottle to Celebrate University Graduation

Many universities hold their graduations in July. Whether it’s you graduating, or the graduation of a loved one, Ideal Wine Company can help you celebrate in style.

Firstly, congratulations and well done to those who are graduating this year: Those late nights, hair pulling deadlines have paid off with a degree.

Why Celebrate?

For those graduating, the past three years have had their ups and downs, tears and cheers, and a lot of hard work, now the graduation day is finally here, and there’s only one way to toast your success: Dom Perignon Brut 1993. As Winston Churchill said, “I am easily satisfied with the best.”

Champagne Is the Perfect Celebration Drink

Champagne has historically been associated with luxury and the parties of the royal courts and aristocracy. Today, it’s a drink that we use for celebrating, but its links with opulence remain. Who hasn’t raised a glass to the bride and groom, marked an anniversary or a birthday with a glass of bubbly?

Champagne has that special power to transform a party to a celebration. Lord Byron once described, a glass of Champagne as “foaming whirls as white as Cleopatra’s melted pearls.”

Champagne is not just about the taste, it’s about ceremony: the pop of the cork, the clinking of glasses and the light fizz tingling on your tongue when you take that first sip.

Perfect Drink for Graduation

Dom Perignon Brut 1993, in our opinion, is the perfect present for a graduation celebration. “Vibrant, seductive and elegant”, 1993 was a good year for Dom Perignon. The bottle is presented in a beautiful gift box, which cradles the iconic bottle. From the outside, the dark green box gives the impression being in the presence of a master craftsman.

“Come quickly! I’m tasting stars!” said Dom Pierre Perignon (a 17th century French monk) when he first tasted his newly created champagne.

The heritage and the quality of the champagne will be enjoyed by the receiver as well as the giver. At Ideal Wine Company, we believe that luxury should be affordable, and the bottle and presentation box is priced at only £180.00.

There’s no better present to give to someone to commend their effort and dedication over the last few years of study in higher education, as they move to the next phase of their life.


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