Pairing Wine With Cheeses – Useful Infographic

Pairing wine with cheese. It’s a classic combination which we all know and love…when it’s done right! Ideal Wine Company have recently found some really helpful infographics on Buzzfeed which tells you the best pairings.

The visual breaks down which cheeses work well with various types of white, red, sparkling and dessert wines. If you have a beautiful dry champagne for instance like the Dom Perignon 2000, you might want to pair it with a refreshing Greek salad, as dry Champagnes are well suited to feta cheese. Whereas if you prefer a port style or late harvest dessert wine instead, this would work best with a blue or aged cheese.

Pairing wine with cheese

If you’re planning to throw a dinner party and thinking about serving cheese and wine take a look at which combinations you should be serving.


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