Our Latest Wine: Chateau Beausejour

At the Ideal Wine Company every so often there comes along a wine so luxurious, so delicious, that we have to let you know more. Welcome to the Chateau Beausejour

A New Year has dawned and the Ideal Wine Company is just as committed to bringing you truly luxurious wines for actually reasonable prices as it was in 2013. As such, the Company is already back at work, doing everything we can to find the best  offers on top quality wine for you.

This is why the latest wine we are excited about; indeed the first wine we are truly excited about in 2014, is the Chateau Beausejour, a wine of silky texture, effortless grace and infinite complexity.

This luxury wine is a Bordeaux wine of the appellation Saint-Émilion. In fact it is ranked Premier grand cru classé B in the Classification of Saint-Émilion wine. The winery itself is one that has a noted reputation for the production of heady reds, and it is located in famous French wine-making region Bordeaux, which in and of itself it noted for its stellar production of red wines.

This means that the Chateau Beausejour is also a classic red of the Bordeaux variety. The particular bottle that we feature as our latest wine is the 2007 vintage. We chose this particular vintage because it is truly a stand-out year.

Take a sample yourself. As is best with any red, it is best to pour it out and give it a chance to breath. Immediately you will be greeted with a rich ruby colour that catches the eye from the moment the first drop pours out of the bottle. The smell that’ll hit your nose is deep and rich, creamy in some respects and heady in others.

Then it’s time to taste. The Chateau Beausejour is just as rich in taste as it is in smell. The creaminess of the blend will immediately hit your taste buds, and a nice mix of fruit tastes such as pomegranates means there’s a great balance of flavours to dance across the tongue.

At the Ideal Wine Company we want to make sure that you can purchase his luxury wine for a decent price. As such you can get your hands on a standard 750 millilitre bottle of Chateau Beausejour 2007 for a mere £48

The Chateau Beausejour 2007 is a triumph of the Bordeaux wine-making tradition. A heady red of varied flavour, it is sure to earn its place in your collection.


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