Mythos 2005: Israel’s wine secret

One of the joys of working in the luxury wine business is getting the opportunity to bear witness to the up and comers, the wines catching everyone’s eye. That’s why this week we want to introduce you to the Mythos 2005: Israel’s wine secret.

Unfortunately we don’t currently feature any Israeli wines on our luxury Ideal Wine Company product list; despite its rich cultural history and the role wine has played in shaping that history, the cradle of modern Christianity isn’t particularly known for its modern viticulture. That could be set to change.

Welcome to the Mythos 2005. This is the wine that was made by Benhaim winery and it was judged the best submission from 24 countries this month at the international Terravino Wine festival.

A deep hearty red that proves perfect for a cold night by the fireside, most critics hadn’t even heard of the winery, never mind the wine itself, at the start of Terravino. Benhaim is a small, family owned winery and considering it was up against some real giants of the industry, quite frankly no one expected it to win.

But win it did and it certainly deserved to. A wine that’s sold for 295 shekels (the Israeli currency) a bottle, it brings something new to a market that, quite frankly, has a tendency to be dominated by the more well-known French, Italian, Spanish, Argentinian and Californian labels.

Here we are seeing the power of the locally made wine. Benhaim has a varied range of products and each holds the quality of the Mythos. These labels include Benhaim Chardonnay 2012, Benhaim Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2008 and Benhaim Cabernet Franc Reserve 2010. The Benhaim label is clearly diversifying all the time and adding a new dimension to the domestic Israeli wine market; something that is sorely needed.

Benhaim is the essence of the family owned winery. Owned and operated by the Benhaim family, it’s actually pretty new on the scene. It’s only been in operation since 1997 and in that time it has built up a stellar reputation for the quality of the product that leaves its premises.

The Mythos 20005 has done more than boost the international perception of the Israeli wine trade. Here at Ideal Wine Company, it has reminded us that the best wines often come from the smallest places. Commercialism only goes so far in viticulture.


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