Miracle Machine: An Update

Last week we spoke about the Miracle Machine; the new device that turns water into wine, and what it could mean for wine drinkers across the world. Well we promised you an update and here it is. What more do we know now about the Miracle Machine?

First let’s start with what we already knew, which wasn’t that much. It’s the creation of wine industry veteran Kevin Boyer and it uses modern technology developed by experts in Silicon Valley to turn water into wine. That’s all we knew. However we did know that the device was to be unveiled in its entirety this week.

Now it has been unveiled we know a lot more about how the Miracle Machine actually works. We know that it uses water, grape concentrate, yeast and a finishing powder (designed to inject a barrel-aged-flavour) to the mix, to make wine.

However Boyer kept quiet about how the wine-bottle sized appliance actually turns these ingredients into wine. So the ‘miracle element’ of the Miracle Machine has been well and truly left intact. However it really is only a matter of time until we all find out and we do know that the process is supposed to take three days.

However Boyer and his entrepreneur partner Phillip Vine did give us some hints. At the unveiling of the revolutionary product, they were quoted as saying that the process the machine uses to make it happen employs “an array of electrical sensors, transducers, heaters and pumps.”

Whilst many in the industry still doubt the quality of the wine it can produce- don’t expect any with the quality of those we feature on the Ideal Wine Company product list to appear anytime soon – it is attracting investors by bucket load. With the soon to be launched kickstarter campaign expected to bring in the crucial funding, the Miracle Machine should hit the markets at around $499.

However developers are clearly ready to push the machine on the wider public and as such have designed an app to accompany purchase of the Miracle Machine. It links to the device via Bluetooth and according to Boyer and Vine allows you to track the wine making process of the machine with your smartphone.

At the Ideal Wine Company we welcome any innovation that helps the wine industry to evolve. Saying that we doubt it’ll be a source of true quality luxury wine. Where this whole project goes from here has yet to be determined.


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