ITV Launches TV Show For Wine Lovers

Do you have a passion for wine-related media? You may be interested to learn that recently, ITV4 launched a new programme called The Wine Show. Ideal Wine Company investigates.

Discovering wine media

Over the years, wine specialists have used their expertise to create a whole wine media market for you to enjoy. By engaging with this media, you can learn more about how your favourite tipple is made, allowing you to cultivate your wine knowledge.

For instance, British wine journalist Amanda Barnes recently launched a project which will eventually see her write a book called Around the World in 80 Harvests. Currently she is travelling to different wine making regions across the planet, while documenting her experiences online, meaning that she takes fans along with her. Once Smith’s journey is complete, she’ll release the book so wine lovers can learn more about how their favourite tipple is produced.

The Wine Show

Meanwhile, British TV channel ITV4 has recently aired the first episode of a new wine programme, aptly called The Wine Show. Industry publication The Drinks Business reports that the programme, which stars actors and wine connoisseurs Matthew Goode and Matthew Rhys, aims to “provide a fresh, informative and entertaining journey into wine.”

Delivered in hour-instalments, The Wine Show see hosts Rhys and Goode tackle a number of wine-related challenges in a picturesque villa, located in the Umbrian countryside of Italy. The first instalment of this 13 part series, which aired on ITV4 last week, showed the hosts taking part in one of Tuscany’s infamous wine barrel races. The programme also saw wine expert Joe Fattorini taking a trip to South Africa to pick up some Vin de Constance, a world famous wine.

Winning rave reviews

After airing on ITV4, the first episode of The Wine Show won rave reviews. Not only did the wine industry itself give the programme a massive thumbs up, it won a lot of praise from viewers on Twitter. Writing on the social media site, users particularly commended The Wine Show for striking the right balance between accessibility and insight, ensuring it catered to all viewers.

The Wine Show also received great reviews from the press. For instance, The Guardian commented that it is like “Top Gear for booze.” Considering the huge success of car show Top Gear, this was delivered as a massive compliment. Continuing, the reviewer wrote: “The Wine Show is a considerate, well-made television programme.” You can catch ITV4’s The Wine Show on Sundays at 6.55pm.

Explore Italian wine with Ideal Wine Company

If you love wine media and like to learn about Italian wine, The Wine Show is for you. Throughout the course of this series, you will get to travel Italy’s wine making country with Rhys and Goode as they take on a number of fascinating challenges. If you want to further deepen your understanding of Italian wine, why not try out the product itself? You can buy the Vega Sicilla 1999 from Ideal Wine Company and sample one of the peninsula-nation’s finest vintages!


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