Is Ancient Wine Label Archaeological Evidence?

This week experts have claimed that the discovery of an ancient wine recipe has proved some elements of the old testament of the bible to be true. Ignoring the religious element, what does this tell us about the ancient origins of the luxury swine industry.

The Ideal Wine Company happened to come across a Daily Mail article titled ‘The 3,000-year-old inscription that could prove Old Testament stories are TRUE.’ It immediately intrigued us and we naturally thought we’d take a look.

What we read was certainly quite fascinating. Apparently researchers have found a small fragment of pottery dating back to the 10th Century BC.

It has been termed the ‘Ophel Inscription’ by researchers and is thought to be the world’s first ever wine label. Researchers are now suggesting that this wine label could be used to provide archaeological evidence of parts of the Old Testament of the Bible; in particular the reigns of King David and King Solomon.

The discovery was made last year and is part of an excavation designed to reveal more about ancient Hebrew history. The wine label is thought to be the most ancient engraving so far to be found and it is certainly intriguing to those who study biblical history.

The Daily Mail featured quotes from an interview Gershon Galil from the department of Jewish History at Haifa University did with Fox NEWS In America. Galil said that ‘we are dealing here with real kings, and the kingdom of David and Solomon was a real fact,’ Galil has based this theory around an assertion that the language the label was written in was ancient Hebrew.

At the Ideal Wine Company we can’t comment on what this finding means for interpretations of the Old Testament. We’re not theologists. However we are experts in the field of wine and we certainly reckon that this finding says a lot about the luxury wine trade of the ancient world.

As we come to know more about the ancient wine trade we come to realise how essential it was to life. Wine has sat at the heart of civilised culture, has been at the tables of kings and priests, emperors and generals for longer than any of us can imagine and this finding only serves to underscore that.

Wine has served as a cultural staple for thousands of years and the Ideal Wine Company brings you luxurious wines to make sure it has a place on your table for years to come.


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