Introducing the drip-free wine bottle!

For many wine lovers, there’s nothing quite as infuriating as wine dripping from the bottle whilst being poured. But following a new development in the wine industry, that may not be the case anymore (good news for wine lovers!). Gone are the days of wine dripping onto your clothes and your family’s best table cloth – only ever brought out for the most special of occasions – and say hello to a full glass of wine. Ideal Wine Company reveals all!

Ideal Wine Company wine bottle
Drip-free wine bottles are a new phenomenon.

The creator

The mastermind behind the genius idea is scientist, biophysicist and inventor Daniel Perlman. With an impressive 100 patents to his name, he carried out his three-year study at the Brandeis University in Massachusetts. By making a tiny change to the bottle, Perlman has created a solution to a huge problem in the wine world.

So, what’s the solution? By creating a groove around the neck of the body just beneath the top of the bottle’s lip, he has managed to stop the wine from dripping down the bottle. After a three-year study, watching countless slow motion videos of wine being poured, they found that drippage occurred when the bottle was full or nearly full.


The science behind it?

Streams of wine tend to curl backwards over the bottle’s lip running down the side of the bottle, this is because glass attracts water. The groove is roughly two millimetres wide and one millimetre deep, and prevents the wine from running down the bottle as the wine would have to travel upwards against the force of gravity to do so. Instead of running down the bottle, the wine will drip into the glass – rather than on your carpets! Previously wine pourers have been used in an attempt to tackle the problem, however they still weren’t able to combat the problem completely.

The invention was stumbled upon by accident, the groove was diamond-cut into the bottle to make a place for a Teflon band as Teflon is a good repellent of liquid. However, wine manufacturers don’t like to add outside elements to the bottles and decided not to implement the band. They attempted to pour the bottle without the band and found that it was effective in stopping the drip, the drip is unable to easily cross the groove so follows gravity and falls into the glass. What a revolutionary invention!


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