Ideal Wine Company Spotlight: Port

When we talk about the luxury products we have for you here at the Ideal Wine Company we’re usually talking about your standard wines; red, white and rose, or champagnes. However we’re much more diverse than that and we have other tipples on our books including Brandy. One of the drinks that sit on our books that we’re most proud of is our Port which is a part of a rich and time honoured tradition and that still appeals to many drinkers all over the world. It’s an acquired taste; basically when it comes to Port you either love it or you hate it and there’s little room for compromise, it’s a statement drink.

So for those who may be uniformed as to what Port actually is, keep on reading. Port wine (also known as Vinho do Porto) is a fortified wine (similar in some respects to British Sherry, but generally made to a higher standard) that originates from the Iberian nation of Portugal. It’s similar to Champagne in the fact that you can’t call any fortified wine made in Portugal, or indeed anywhere in the world, Porto, other types are simply referred to as Port. It’s only Porto if it is produced in the Douro Valley region of Northern Portugal.  Its best known as a sweet red wine that is often used a compliment to dessert dishes of all kinds. It does also come in drier and even white varieties although when people talk about Port they are usually talking about the popular sweet red variety.

Port has a long and varied tradition and arose from wine making in the Iberian nation of Portugal, which had been producing all manner of wines since the age of antiquity and had seen wine production strengthen through Roman occupation, just as the rest of Western Europe had. However Port as we know it wasn’t a reality until at the earliest the 17th Century, with the first bottles being shipped out to England in the latter half of the century. It was borne out of the strong social and economic links between England and Portugal, who have the oldest active alliance in the world, one which is still in effect today. Form here the international phenomenon that is Port grew up and came to be produced globally.

We have one luxury Port on our list for you and it’s a real corker! For you we have the Fonsecas Finest 1977 Vintage Port which we bring to you for the quality ensuring price of £150, including VAT. A classic Port to be sure, it’s rich flavour and velvety texture make it melt on the tongue and it’s sweet nature make it the perfect complement to a classic British dessert. Don’t miss out on this fantastic deal on vintage Port from the Ideal Wine Company.


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