Ideal Wine Company On The Perfect Meal White Wines

At the Ideal Wine Company we love a good bottle of white. Dry and light, white wine is the perfect summer drink; just the thing you need on a hot night as you relax after a hard days summer sun. White wine is often a drinker’s preference over red – its lighter character means that more people prefer to drink it, and that’s why it’s such a versatile drink.

When it comes to meals, white wine really is the versatile beast. It’s light nature and character, along with its often fruity taste, means it’s the perfect drink to have with light summer meals such as pasta dishes and salad. However, with a type of wine this versatile, it’s hard to know which type of white wine is best for each meal. Which is better for pasta and which for salad? If you want to know which meal suits the most popular types of white wine then read our list of Meal white wines!

Pinot Grigio

Let’s start with Pinot Grigio. An increasingly popular wine over the last decade, in 2013 Pinot Grigio is the wine you drink when you want everybody to think you have elegance and class – it’s very much the wine of polite society. The perfect dish to match the fruity flavoured Pinot Grigio wine with is a light seafood dish, as these bring out the wines flavour, which concurrently complements the taste and texture of seafood.


Often cited as a passé wine in popular circles because it was so heavily abused by these same people in the 90’s, to such a point that the phrase ‘ABC: anything but Chardonnay’ became popular among wine enthusiast circles, Chardonnay is nevertheless a classic white wine that goes perfectly with some dishes. For silky white wines such as chardonnay fatty fish dishes are the perfect choice of meal to complement it, especially fish dishes in a rich sauce.

Off Dry Riesling

Admittedly most German wines don’t have the best reputation, Germany is far more known to drinkers for its beer, yet the Riesling, a wine which comes to characterise the German wine scene, has enough quality to compete with its French and Italian neighbours. The sweet nature of many Rieslings acts as the perfect counteragent to spicy dishes. So if you want the perfect meal for your Riesling the traditional curry is the way to go.

Moscato d’Asti

Many wine drinkers tend to stay away from sweet white wines- its taste and character often seems to go against the grain of the way a wine should be drunk. However sweet wines such as the classic Moscato d’Asti are perfect for some types of meals; especially any type of dessert involving fruit, as the sweet on sweet nature of the mixture makes it a truly perfect dessert after your main meal.


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