Ideal Wine Company Explains Why You Should Open a Bonded Warehouse Account

If you’re a collector of luxury wine, you need somewhere to store your wine. If you want to take advantage of an option that ensures the safety of your luxury vintage, you might want to consider opening a bonded warehouse account.

At the Ideal Wine Company we have built up a stellar reputation in the luxury wine trade, and we have done so because we know what our customers need to take full advantage of the versatile service we offer. That is why our experience in the trade has led us to conclude that there are tangible gains to opening a bonded warehouse account.


What Is a Bonded Warehouse Account?

A bonded warehouse account is pretty much what the term suggests it is – a warehouse or secured building where you can store your luxury goods and know that they are safe. It sounds like the same thing as a cellar, but it really isn’t. So what’s the difference?

As far as vintage bottles of your favourite tipple go, a bonded warehouse provides a safe space to store your bottles but it’s so much more than a warehouse. A bonded warehouse ensures a better quality of storage and that the condition of your purchase is protected no matter how long you store it for.

Of course, it is an account and you are using outside resources. This means you have to pay. However, for access to high quality services that’ll protect every single bottle you own and ensure it appreciates in value, it is well worth the charge, which is only insurance anyway. So what are the distinct advantages to opening a bonded account?


Ideal Wine Company’s Pros of the Bonded Warehouse Account

We’ve already listed several pros to the bonded warehouse account, but there are more and you need to know about them to take full advantage of this first rate service:

  • VAT: Did you know that wine bought by and stored in a bonded warehouse account does not include VAT? This significantly streamlines your luxury wine budget and diversifies your options.
  • Control: Once the wine has been bought and stored into an account with your name, you can independently check on it anytime you want, and this allows you to track it in real time, meaning that you can verify your investment.
  • Waiting Time: The nature of the bonded warehouse account means that the waiting time you endure for your favourite bottle is vastly reduced. You can have your dream purchase ready and waiting for you at your leisure.


Whether you are choosing to drink or invest in your purchase, the bonded warehouse account holds many advantages for the collector of luxury vintages. Ideal Wine Company suggests you invest in one before you make your first purchase.


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