Introducing Ideal Wine Company’s Burke’s Peerage Selection

Here at Ideal Wine Company, we’re constantly striving to bring you fine vintages from around the world, at affordable prices. We recently added a Burke’s Peerage Selection to our wine range.

Top wines

You can find both old and new world wines here at Ideal Wine Company. When it comes to old world vintages, you receive products which are often light-bodied, while displaying earth, herb, mineral and floral flavours. In contrast, new world wines are typically fuller, more alcoholic and really fruity!

This means that whatever your preferences, you’ll find something you’ll love at Ideal Wine Company. Our old world products come from some of the most prolific wine-making regions in history like Bordeaux, Burgundy and the Rhone, with a variety of full-bodied reds on offer. Meanwhile, you can buy lighter reds from up-and-coming new world regions like California and Australia with us too!

Burke’s Peerage

But if you want something really special, browse our new Burke’s Peerage Selection. Established in London in 1826, Burke’s Peerage is the definitive guide to the genealogy and heraldry of prominent family lines worldwide. You can secure exclusivity by purchasing one of these wines, some which were owned by one of these families, which include barons, royals even presidents, from us.

Our Burke’s Peerage Selection features a host of different styles. We have popular white wines, such as Chablis and Gewürztraminer, which are known for their light aromas and delicate flavours. You can also buy hearty, flavoursome reds in this selection, such as Pinot Noirs, Cabernet Francs and Malbecs. The range further includes elegant roses, luxurious Champagnes and light, gorgeous Proseccos!

Buying wine online

Buying wine online is incredibly easy with Ideal Wine Company. Let’s say you want to purchase the Chateau Meyre 2011, a hearty red produced in Bordeaux’s Haut-Medoc appellation, which is currently featured in our Burke’s Peerage Selection? You should start by going to the homepage on our official website. Browse the ‘search by regions’ column on the left-hand side and you’ll find Burke’s Peerage.

Click the Burke’s Peerage Selection link and browse, until you find the Chateau Meyre 2011. Click this icon and you’ll see a buy button. Click this to add the bottle to your Ideal Wine Company shopping basket, then head to the ‘checkout’ on the top left-hand side of our website, to complete your purchase. You can pay for your wine via credit/debit card, bank transfer or cheques, although credit card payments come with a 2.5% surcharge. Then arrange delivery and we’ll send your wine to you!

Only the best

We only stock the best of the best in our Burke’s Peerage Selection, so by buying one of these wines, you’ll get a quality, truly unique product. We’re constantly looking for new vintages to add to this range so check back with us regularly, to see which new Burke’s Peerage vintages we have for you!


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