How to Wrap a Bottle of Wine

If you’re looking for a gift to give wine lovers this Christmas, you should think about buying them a bottle of their favourite tipple. Find out how to wrap a bottle, so you can ensure present your gift with style and flare!

Wrapping conundrum

Have you ever actually tried to wrap a bottle of wine? It can be a total nightmare. A lot of people just end up wrapping the paper around the neck clumsily, holding it in place with a load of sellotape and hoping for the best. This method does the trick, but it doesn’t exactly look amazing now does it?

However, British wrapping expert Jane Means has just released an online tutorial that shows you how you can wrap a bottle of wine in just ten seconds, without resorting to Sellotape! The Daily Mail revealed that all you’ll need to try out Means’ method is a sheet of wrapping paper and a pretty ribbon.

Wrapping methods

It’s vital that you have your materials prepared before you start wrapping – at least if you want to do it in ten seconds anyway. To follow Means’ method cut enough paper to cover the bottle on both sides. You should also trim your ribbon to your required length, and snip the ends into pretty points.

Once you have your materials, place the bottle on its end in the centre of the wrapping paper. Then gather the wrapping paper together at the top of the neck, and lay the bottle down on the table on its side. After that, take the ribbon and tie it around the neck to secure paper. Voila – after roughly 10 seconds you’ll have a beautifully wrapped bottle of wine!

If you’re not keen on Means’ method, you could always put your wine in a bottle bag instead! You can buy them relatively cheaply at any gift shop on the local high street, and you don’t have to do any wrapping when you use them. If you want to make it look pretty you could always decorate the bottle bag with a few strands of ribbon and a shiny bow or two!

Ideal Wine Company

Now you know how to wrap a bottle of wine (or decided to go with a bottle bag instead), you just need to pick which wine you want to give! We provide a selection of fine vintages, such as the Harlan Estate 1998, a robust Californian red which you can buy from the Ideal Wine Company this Christmas.


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