How to Store Cognac

A delicate drink with a carefully calibrated balance of luxurious flavours, Cognac must be stored correctly to preserve its unique character. With this in mind, the Ideal Wine Company explains how to store Cognac.

Fabulous tipple

Cognac is a protected brandy made in or around the French town of Cognac, from which it takes its name. Under legal guidelines, it must be made through a special process involving double distillation in copper pots, and two years of aging in French oak barrels from Troncais or Limousin.

If you buy the Remy Martin XO Champagne Cognac from the Ideal Wine Company and learn how to taste Cognac, you’ll soon discover that this tipple will provide you a drinking experience like no other. However, Cognac must be stored correctly if you wish to enjoy its fabulous qualities; much like wine if you store Cognac incorrectly, you’ll ruin the quality of the finished product.

Storing cognac

Cognac isn’t like wine; it doesn’t age once it’s bottled. However its quality doesn’t depreciate with time either if it’s stored right. However, we would advise you to ignore the old rumour that a Cognac should be stored upright so the liquid doesn’t come into contact with the cork. If the cork is completely dry it could spur oxidisation.

This is why, as the Cognac blog explains, the French brandy should be stored “in the shade and in a cool place with no extremes of temperature.” It’s vital that you keep the bottle in a place with a consistent temperature, as a dramatic shift can impact the quality of the drink. You should also avoid placing the bottle anywhere that’s extremely humid, in order to preserve the label.

When a bottle of Cognac has been opened, the liquid inside will keep for about six months. At this point the Cognac will start deteriorating and evaporating due to contact with air.  If you store the bottle correctly once it’s been opened, you may be able to somewhat halt this admittedly slow process.

Try our Cognacs

If you follow our instructions when you buy one of the Ideal Wine Company’s Cognacs, you won’t be disappointed. You’ll be presented with a fine French brandy that boasts an array of rich, tantalising flavours that are destined to have you hooked from your very first sip!


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