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How to match wine with the weather

While the summer of 2018 has been long, hot and dry, winter is coming. And colder evenings mean staying in with a good film, takeaway and a delicious glass of wine. The most popular wines to savour when it’s chilly outside are full-bodied, rich wines. You want to choose a wine that will warm you up and enhance long winter evenings in front of fireplace. Here are a few of our favourites.

Cabernet Sauvignon

If you’re looking for the ideal red wine for cold weather, a Cabernet Sauvignon is always a reliable choice. People who enjoy bold flavours and a heavier wine will love a Cab Sauv, with rich, fruity, plummy vibe. Some also have a herbal flavour, and others a hint of coffee, toast, dill or caramel. All of these flavours are wintery and comforting. A great food paring for a good Cab Sauv is a juicy, perfectly cooked steak.


This red has a deep flavour with hints of coffee, blueberry and cured meats. Its richness goes well with foods like seasoned Shitake mushrooms and lamb. If you’re throwing a winter dinner party, pair lamb with Syrah and surprise your guests with a meal they won’t forget.


While winter doesn’t normally go with fruity, fresh flavours, you should make an exception for Zinfandel. With its ripe crispness and versatility in pairings and aroma, it’s a great choice. Whether you choose a fruity and fresh lower alcohol version, or a sweet, jammy ripely flavoured version, there’s a Zinfadel for everyone.

It goes beautifully with savoury winter food, including lasagne and pasta dishes. The sweet flavour picks out the flavours of cheese or a chocolatey dessert too.

Petite Sirah

One of the richest wines you can choose and packed with flavour. Petite Sirah is full of dark, plump fruit flavours like cassis, prunes and plum, it mixes really well with chocolate and coffee. It’s a holiday style wine, with hints of Christmas and cold winter evenings.


We haven’t left out the white wines, which can be just as lovely in the winter. Chardonnay is the perfect wine to go with lots of comforting winter food such as butter mashed potato and stew. Its fruity and dry flavour is the perfect opposite to the richness of the food.

Pinot Gris

Another good winter white, Pinot Gris is ideal for meal in the colder months. The Italian version tends to be more summery, with its crisp and light flavours. The Alsace version has much stronger flavours, which powerfully remind you of both autumn and winter. Lovely with stews all the way through the colder months.


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