How to Make a Wine Slushy

With temperatures soaring to new heights right now, the Ideal Wine Company has decided to let you how to make a wine slushy.

Perfect summer drink

There’s nothing better on a blistering hot day than a nice, ice-cold slushy. Most people think that you need a slushy machine to create this unique treat. However, if you have a bottle of wine, some frozen fruit and an adequately stocked kitchen, you can make an alcoholic slushy that’ll knock your socks off and bring your temperature down in no time at all.

Guide to making a wine slushy

If you want to pull this off you’re going to need a bottle of dry white wine, 2 cups of frozen fruit, an ice-cube tray, a tea spoon and a blender. Once you’ve gathered together your materials, you should:

  • Pour the wine into the ice-cube tray. Make sure you hold back about half a cup so you can use it later. Let the wine freeze for about eight hours.
  • Remove the tray from the freezer and run the spoon along the perimeter of each cube. This’ll allow you to pop the cubes out of the tray with ease.
  • Place the cubes and frozen fruit into the blender, then add the reserved wine. Run the blender on high for around three minutes until the mixture has a “slushy” consistency.
  • Spoon into a glass – we’d suggest a good old fashioned margarita glass – and garnish with the fruit rind of your choice. Then serve!

Red wine slushy

We gave this a try here in the Ideal Wine Company office and we found that it makes a fantastic drink that goes down a treat. Then we decided to get a little experimental and try it with red, discovering that if you get the measures right, you can use a classic red to make a killer wine slushy.

Do you want to try it for yourself? If so, we suggest you buy a Harlan Estate 2002 from the Ideal Wine Company and indulge in a few tasting sessions to see which fruit you’d like to pair it with. Once you’ve explored your options get experimenting and soon enough you’ll end up with a wine slushy that’ll light your taste buds on fire!


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