How to Cleanse Your Palate for Wine Tasting

To ensure you get the full richness of flavour that can be found in every bottle you buy from the Ideal Wine Company, this week we explain how to cleanse your palate for wine tasting.

Why Should You Cleanse your Palate Before Every New Sip?

Here at the Ideal Wine Company we seek to provide you with outstanding fine wines from around the world at a price you can afford. As such, we want you to get the most out of every wine you buy from the Ideal Wine Company.

That’s why this week we wanted to turn our attention to the issue of cleansing your palate. You can’t receive the full impact of a luxury vintage if you have the vestiges of the previous bottle stuck to your taste buds. Contrasting flavours intermingle for an unpleasant experience. That’s why you need to ensure you cleanse your palate every time you taste a new fine wine.

Can You Cleanse Your Palate With Food?

So what works? Is there a food that will work? Most social gatherings that include a wine tasting often serve platters of cheese, meats etc.; will any of these work?

No. Taking a bite of cheese or meat before tasting a new wine ruins the flavour. Wine tends to taste different with food. That’s why, for example, there are certain cheeses you pair with certain wines. However if you watch the wine experts you’ll soon find that there’s one food that acts as a fantastic palate cleanser.

The Right Way to Cleanse your Palate before Tasting a Wine

Bread. Bread is neutral enough in flavour that you can eat a bite and it’ll do wonders for your palate. However if you watch the experts you’ll see that they do more than eat a bite of bread to cleanse their palate.

They also take a swig of water. It may sound simple but it’s pretty effective. Water is the most neutral drink in the world and ensures that you clean every last nook and cranny of your palate before you indulge in a new sip of fine wine.

Eat Bread and Drink Water

In other words, all you have to do to cleanse your palate for wine tasting is eat a chunk of bread and wash it down with a few gulps of refreshing water. Then, you’ll be perfectly positioned to enjoy the full complexity of rich flavours that characterise a truly outstanding bottle of fine wine.


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