how to begin

How to Build a Portfolio

Fine wine collecting offers a variety of advantages. To begin with, adding a new asset like fine wine to a collecting portfolio provides significant diversification that mitigates risk and reduces volatility levels. 

Wine is a tax-free asset that performs consistently while providing portfolio protection in a manner that traditional financial assets fail to deliver.

easy steps

1. Agreement

Portfolio agreed and agreement signed with client.

2. Payment

Invoice for payment generated and payment made.

3. Delivery and storage

Wine delivered to your private account at HMRC sanctioned Bonded Warehouse

Our Process

1. How much would you like to collect?

You decide a collecting amount that matches your own criteria.

2. What are your objectives?

We offer find wines based on your personal goals, brand preferences and your exit strategies. Once you are comfortable with your preferences, you are welcomes to discuss your aims with your contact at Ideal Wine Company, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

3. Receive tailored collecting proposal

Upon consulting with your cellar manager or completion of self certification, for each chosen wine trade transaction, you will receive a sales proposal based on your level of comfort, agreed settlement term and with relevant supporting information.

4. Complete account opening form

If you do not currently have a private HMRC sanctioned Bonded warehouse account code, you will have to complete and return an account opening form. We will forward this to the bonded warehouse. Once your account is set up, you will receive an account code.

5. Delivery of your stock

Your unique account code along with the relevant paperwork and contract notes will provide our logistics team with the necessary information to the transfer the wine into your private account.

6. Keep in touch

Your personal cellar manager can keep in touch with market news and changes in your portfolios circumstances.

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