How old is Your Bottle of Cognac?

Enthusiasts around the world will tell you that the longer a Cognac has been left to mature, the better it tastes. Below, the Ideal Wine Company explains how you can find out the age of your bottle of luxury Cognac.

Aging is vital to the Cognac making process.

Last week the Ideal Wine Company explained how Cognac is made. Cognac is an appellation d’origine contrôlée. This means that there are certain rules that govern its production.

One of these rules is that Cognac must be left to age for at least one-two years. At this point the eaux de vie that has been made in the double distillation process is left to age in Limousin oak casks. This allows the eaux de vie’s colour and flavour to mature. The drink is moved to progressively older casks the longer it’s left to age.

Age classification system

Age is like a badge of honour in the Cognac industry. The sector uses an age classification system to let consumers know how long their Cognacs have been left to mature. The basic classification system is as follows:

  • VS: This is the most basic classification. It means “very special” and refers to Cognacs that have been aged for at least one-two years; the minimum requirement.


  • VSOP: This means “very special old pale” or “very superior old pale.” Cognacs with this designation have been allowed to mature in Limousin oak casks for at least four years.


  • XO: Also known as “extra old.” Cognacs that fall into this category have been let to age for a minimum of six years.


  • Hors d’âge: The French translation for “beyond age.” As the name suggests, hors d’âge is similar to XO but is often used to market Cognacs of higher quality. Other names for hors d’âge include Napoleon and Vieille Réserve; VR for short.

How old is your Ideal Wine Company Cognac?

Now you know how to determine the age of a Cognac, what does this mean for the luxury brandies you can buy from the Ideal Wine Company? We have three Cognacs on our product list right now. These are the Remy Martin XO Champagne Cognac, the Delamain Pale & Dry XO Grande Champagne Cognac and the Claude Vorin VR.

This means that when you buy a Cognac from the Ideal Wine Company, you can be sure that you’ve invested in a bottle that has been allowed to mature for at least six years. In other words, you’re in for a top quality tipple when you buy Cognac from the Ideal Wine Company!


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