How Do You Store Opened Champagne?

We’re going to tackle a question that has plagued wine enthusiasts since the dawn of time here on the Ideal Wine Company blog right now. How do you store opened champagne?

It’s cool to drink champagne again!

Have you heard the news yet? According to the Telegraph, sales of champagne in high end establishments rose 45% over the course of 2014.

In other words it’s cool to drink champagne again (as if it ever wasn’t)! If you want to break out in celebration by buying a bottle of the world’s most luxurious drink let the Ideal Wine Company lend you a helping hand. We have a range of decadent champagnes including Krugs, Dom Perignons and even Cristals you can purchase for a reasonable price.

Should you just put the cork back in?

Yet the minute you open that bottle you may find yourself presented with a conundrum. You don’t want to drink the entire bottle now, you want to savour it and put some aside for later. This leads us to ask; how do you store a bottle of champagne when it’s already been opened?

Most people would think it’s pretty simple. Just put the cork back in and pop it in the fridge. Yes, you should pop it back in you fridge but should you really be putting the cork back in? No; the pressure from the carbonation may force the cork out making the whole thing pointless!

The proper way to store an opened bottle of champagne

So how do you store an opened bottle of champagne? You need to focus on keeping the bubbles nice and chilled so the vintage doesn’t fall flat.

Invest in a stainless steel champagne stopper. Yes, you really can get them. Buy a stainless steel champagne stopper and not only will it prove strong enough to hold, the metal will act as a thermal conductor so once you put your bottle in the fridge, the bubbles will remain pleasantly chilly.

Get the most out of your champagne

There you have it. If you want to store a bottle of opened champagne just invest in a stainless steel champagne stopper. That investment will give you everything you need to ensure the bubbles don’t fall flat so you can get the most out of your decadent champagne of choice from the Ideal Wine Company!



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