Four Cognac Cocktails You Just Have to Try

This week Ideal Wine Company helps you get creative with your bottle of luxury cognac, with four cognac cocktails you just have to try.

Cognac’s too Dreamy Not to Drink

We may be a provider of top wines at prices that won’t rock your budget, but that is not all the Ideal Wine Company is. We also have several Cognacs on our product list, which are sure to set your taste buds on fire and slide down like a dream.

However, heady brandies straight out of the bottle aren’t to everybody’s taste. Cognac though, has a richness and a vitality that can appeal to even the most stubborn of lightweights, should they only find a way to drink it.

Try These Gorgeous Four Cognac Cocktails

Which is why if you are a lightweight determined to get the most out of your glass of Cognac, you should turn to the Cognac cocktail, and you might as well start with the following top four picks from the Ideal Wine Company…

1)      Between the Sheets: An absolute classic, for this Cognac cocktail you’ll need Cognac, white rum, Cointreau, lemon juice and crushed ice, with a slice of lemon to garnish. All you need to do to get this one right is throw everything into the crushed ice and add the lemon slice. So easy anyone can get it right!


2)      The Summit Cocktail: If you want something really special, why not go for the cocktail specifically created for the 2008 Cognac Summit – the Summit Cocktail. Gather together 4 slices of ginger, a slice of lime, cognac, lemonade and cucumber peel. Start by placing the lime and ginger in a glass, before adding half your cognac. Throw in ice and stir. Then, add the lemonade and rest of the Cognac, before finishing with the peel.


3)      Rolls Royce: Why not invoke some 1920’s glamour with a Rolls Royce, the perfect Cognac cocktail for a dinner party! Find Cognac, Drambuie, lemon juice and three ice cubes. Then, put the cubes into a shaker, before mixing and adding the other ingredients and shaking. Then pour into the glass and voila!


4)      French Green Dragon: If you’re looking for a Cognac cocktail with a little punch, the French Green Dragon is one you have to take the time to make at some point, and it’s a pretty easy one too! All you need to do is hunt down some Cognac, green Chartreuse and some ice cubes, pour into a shaker and shake vigorously, then pour!

Have Some Fun with Your Bottle of Luxury Cognac

Once you’ve tried these relatively simple (and one more complex) Cognac cocktails, why not get creative and try inventing your own! That way, whether you’re a Cognac enthusiast, or just someone who wants to find a more palatable way to enjoy a good glass, you’ll have endless fun with your bottle of luxury Cognac!


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