Five Things You Never Knew About Wine

This week the Ideal Wine Company wants to open your mind and broaden your horizons, by letting you know about five things you never knew about wine.

Never Assume You Know Everything About Wine

As a seller of top class fine wine for reasonable prices, the Ideal Wine Company knows a lot about wine. We have to, it’s our bread and butter. The wonderful thing about wine though, is that there’s always something new to learn.

Wine making has been around since the age of antiquity. You may know how to drink wine, but to assume you know everything about the world’s oldest drink would be foolish, and deprive you of the chance to learn about just how fascinating wine can really be.

These Five Facts About Wine Will Blow Your Mind

Which is why this week, we wanted to take the time to broaden your knowledge of the tipple, with the following five facts about wine…

1)      Some People Are Scared of It: Seriously, we’re not kidding. There’s a phobia known as oenophobia, and it means that you are scared of, or hold an intense hatred for wine.

2)      It’s Older Than You Thought: Everyone knows that wine is an old tradition, but do you know exactly how old? In fact, the world’s oldest wine dates back 6,000 years and was discovered on an archaeological dig in Armenia.

3)      It Was Kept on Its Side: Whilst today, it’s pretty standard for wine to be stored standing up, traditionally it was never done this way. Rather, it was stored on its side to keep the liquid in touch with the cork, so that it stayed moist, and didn’t dry out. This is why if your wine has a natural – rather than artificial – cork, you should still store it on its side.

4)      It is a Compound: Scientifically, wine is classed as a compound, something that is a mixture of two or more elements. In fact, it is a compound that is thought to be more complex than even blood serum, because it holds many organic chemical compounds.

5)      It Doesn’t Always Improve With Time: Whilst some wines only grow finer with age, a lot of wines in the modern era are produced with the purpose of being able to be drunk immediately, so they only depreciate with age. That’s why if you’re looking for an investment, luxury wines are the way to go. They’re built to last.

There’s Always Something New to Learn

And that’s it for today folks. We hoped you learned something you didn’t know, and we hope we’ve inspired you to go out and do your own research about wine because frankly, there’s always something new to learn.


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