Five Rules for Serving Wine at a Dinner Party

The perfect complement to a night dining with friends, this week Ideal Wine Company wants to help you throw the perfect soiree by revealing five rules for serving wine at a dinner party.

A Staple for Any Dinner Party

Through our role as a seller of various luxury bottles of wine from all over the world at bank balance friendly prices, Ideal Wine Company has come to understand the role wine can play.

Many people often see wine as a staple for any dinner party. Indeed, its head mix of flavours, stellar reputation, and intricate body and character, makes wine the perfect drink to accompany a night of good food, intelligent chatter and light hearted laughs.

Use These Five Rules to Serve Wine the Right Way at a Dinner Party

Yet people often balk at the idea of serving wine at a dinner party; it’s so easy to get wrong. That is why you should always implement the following five rules, provided to you courtesy of the Ideal Wine Company, when you serve wine at a dinner party…

1)      Match to the Food: This is an obvious one. Certain wines go with certain foods. You would serve a dry white, for example, with pasta, but not with stake. Find the right wine for your food, and the complimentary nature of the vintage will please every single guest.


2)      Pick a Conversation Starter: Wine is more than just a drink. A lot of people are enthusiastic about it, and it can be a great way to break the ice. That’s why it’s a good idea to pick an unusual bottle that’ll get people talking.


3)      Choose Glassware Carefully: Be realistic here. Stylish stemware works at small affairs, but not for larger soirees. In those cases, opt for longer stemmed, more durable glasses that look fantastic, but cost less and can be reused. A broken wine glass will interrupt the flow of even the most successful dinner party. Also, pick the right glass for the right type of wine e.g. a flute for champagne.


4)      Serve at the Right Temperature: It’s always important that you serve wine at the right temperature, but it’s especially important at a dinner party. That is because if someone complains, there’s no time to do anything about it. Make sure you either chill or warm the bottle, as required, well ahead of time.


5)      Follow the Golden Rule: The golden rule when it comes to alcohol at dinner parties, is never run out. Even if guests don’t like what you’re serving, chances are they’ll want more. That’s why you should buy the wine by the case.

Make Sure You Have a Good Time

Implement these rules, and you’ll soon see that serving wine at a dinner party is nowhere near as terror-inducing, as most people would have you believe. Then you just kick back, take a few sips, and make sure you have a good time! You may also find it helpful to view our Comprehensive Wine Collector’s Guide.


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