Five Must Know Facts About… Sparkling Wine

If you’re the type of wine enthusiast who can never know enough about their favourite tipple keep reading.  This week on the Ideal Wine Company blog we present five must know facts about… sparkling wine!

Knowing Everything There is to Know About Wine

Ideal Wine Company may be a firm dedicated to providing you with a wide selection of fine wines at a cost that won’t damage your bottom line, but that’s not all we are. We’re wine enthusiasts.

We strive to know everything there is to know about wine. How can we ensure we supply you with only the finest tipples if we don’t? As such, we’ve become experts over the years when it comes to that most decadent of celebratory tipples… sparkling wine.

The Fact File: Sparkling Wine

If you love sparkling wine as much as we do, broaden your horizons and read on.  Here are five must know facts about sparkling wine…

1)      Not Every Sparkling Wine is a Champagne: A common misconception is that every sparkling wine can be called a Champagne. Only wines grown in the Champagne region of France, following specific guidelines can be afforded this most vaunted of honorifics. Other common names for sparkling wines include ‘Prosecco’ (vintages made in Italy) and ‘Cava’ (Spain).


2)      It Shouldn’t Overflow: People tend to think that a sparkling wine should shoot up like a fountain the moment it’s opened. This is the sign of a lesser quality vintage. Whilst you will hear a popping sound when you open a sparkling wine, the vast majority of the tipple should remain in the bottle.


3)      Works Best in a Wine Flute: There’s a reason every high-end bash you’ve ever seen depicted on your television screen includes sparkling wine (Champagne) served in a wine flute. The glass allows you to receive the full effects of its heady aroma.


4)      Should be Served at 6-8 Degrees: You should never freeze sparkling wine. Since you are working with bubbles, embarking on such an endeavour would prove disastrous. You should never serve sparkling wine at room temperature – doing so would provide you with a sub-par tipple. Sparkling wine works best when it’s refrigerated and served at 6-8 degrees.


5)      Lasts Two Days: Have you ever wondered how long a sparkling wine can last before it becomes undrinkable? Well now you have your answer. Sparkling wines can last about two days after being opened before the vintage goes flat, as long as you leave it in the fridge.

Blow Away the January Blues with an Ideal Wine Company Champagne!

Armed with these must know facts, you are ready to buy then drink sparkling wine like a pro. If you’re looking for a premium sparkling wine to blow away the January blues, why not come to the Ideal Wine Company. We have a selection of Champagnes to choose from, available to you for reasonable prices!


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