Five Foods to Match with Cognac

If you’re about to host a dinner party you might want to stick around. The Ideal Wine Company has revealed five foods that taste fantastic when matched with Cognac.

Why buy Cognac? There’s one very good reason why you should buy a Delamain Pale & Dry XO Grande Champagne Cognac from the Ideal Wine Company. The Cognac-style of brandy is a fantastically complex drink that boasts a subtle array of flavours, which are destined to light up your taste buds.

However, it’s notoriously hard to serve Cognac at a dinner party. This is because the protected-French brandy works wondrously with some dishes, but disastrously with others. If you get the pairing wrong, you could bring down the entire tone of your dinner party – leaving your guests distinctly unsatisfied.

Five Cognac and Food Pairings

So how do you choose the right food to pair with Cognac? Why don’t you start with the Ideal Wine Company’s following list of five foods you can pair with this king of fine brandies?

1) Chocolate: It’s traditional to serve Cognac with chocolate-heavy deserts, as chocolate perfectly matches the famed smoothness of this luxury French tipple. We’d suggest you go for a nice dark chocolate if you want to strike a scintillating balance.

2) Cheese: Pairing cheese and Cognac can be just as difficult as matching wine and cheese, but the results are fantastic. We’d suggest you opt for Brie, Fromage Frais, Cheddar or Roquefort to attain the saltiness you need to master this pairing.

3) Duck: Another popular food pairing for Cognac is duck, and many people like to match a particularly good Cognac with foie gras. Basically, the rich, fatty, full-bodied texture of duck lends Cognac a sumptuous round, velvety texture.

4) Sushi: You may not believe it, but Cognac works fantastically well with raw foods like sushi. The tipple’s precise balance of acidity and fruitiness brings out the best characteristics of the sushi to make for a killer pairing.

5) Mushrooms: There are a lot of people who believe that the best food to pair lighter Cognacs with is mushrooms. These Cognacs boast a subtle array of flavours that underpin the complex character of wild mushrooms with effortless grace.

Give it a go

These pairings aren’t set in stone. What might work fantastically with the Claude Thorin VR might be a disaster when paired with another Cognac. That’s why the when you buy a Cognac from the Ideal Wine Company, you should engage in a little experimentation to find the right pairing for your next dinner party!


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