Explore the History of Remy Martin

What’s so special about Ideal Wine Company’s Remy Martin Cognacs? As we explain below, these products are steeped in history and prestige – the perfect luxury tipples!

Founding Remy Martin

Let’s go all the way back to 1724. According to the brand’s official website, this is the year that a young wine producer called Remy Martin, from the Cognac region of France, started selling Cognac under his own name. Remy Martin Cognac was born, and it didn’t remain a one-man operation for long.

Remy Martin grew in size, becoming increasingly popular with Cognac lovers throughout the Ancien Regime. The company received the royal seal of approval in 1738, when King Louis XV gave it the rare right to plant new vines in the region, in recognition of the excellence of the product. By 1830 Remy Martin had become the only major Cognac house created by a family born and bred in the region.

Going international

Ownership of the house remained in the family and eventually fell to Paul-Emile Remy Martin in 1810, who turned it into a global luxury brand. Not only did he start marketing the product to exciting new territories such as the US, Asia and the Pacific, he invented the company’s now iconic centaur logo, which was inspired by his love of astronomy.

The arrival of Andre Renaud was a game-changer. He went into partnership with then-owner Paul-Emile Remy Martin II in 1910, and helped the Cognac house to develop its full potential. He became Remy Martin’s first cellar master in 1924, spearheaded the creation of Remy Martin ‘Fine Champagne Cognac’ in 1927 – which was an immediate success, and decided that the company would exclusively produce cognac made from Petite Champagne and Grande Champagne crus in 1948.

Modern Age

Renaud chose and trained his own successor – Andre Giraud, who took over leadership of Remy Martin in 1960 and carried the Cognac house through to the modern age. He’s famous for introducing a number of innovations, such as accelerating the use of modern technology in the company’s cellars, which streamlined its production process.

Under Giraud’s leadership, Remy Martin created the now iconic black frosted VSOP bottle in 1972 and the supremely opulent Remy Martin XO product in 1981. Since the end of Giraud’s tenure the house has continued to evolve – introducing modern digital techniques to manage stock and appointing its first woman, Pierrette Trichet, to the post of cellar master.

Buy Remy Martin

Therefore, when you drink Cognac you imbibe a product that has evolved over time to ensure it continues to provide fans with a mind-blowing drinking experience. If you want to try out this famously amazing brandy for yourself, why don’t you buy the Remy Martin XO Champagne Cognac from the Ideal Wine Company right now!


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