Drinking port this summer – Five tips

Some people think that drinking Port is just for Christmas. They couldn’t be more wrong. This incredibly delicious signature Portuguese product is extremely versatile, so if you get creative you can drink it every month of the year. Ideal Wine Company reveals five ways to drink Port Wine this summer.

Drink it straight

Older Ports such as the Fonsecas Finest 1977 Vintage Port, which you can purchase from Ideal Wine Company, are deep, rich and extremely complex. Forget about mixers and imbibe these Ports straight, or perhaps on the rocks, so you can feel the full force of these standout products. There’s nothing like enjoying a glass of Fonseca’s finest on a hot day while you watch the world go by.

Drizzled over ice cream

Make Port Wine work in the summer heat by drizzling it over ice cream. By doing this, you can whip up a delicious, refreshing treat. Think carefully about which kind of ice cream you choose, so you can stumble upon a winning combination. You may want to opt for something like Rococo Rose, lychee and raspberry sorbet here to create a dish that your taste buds are sure to love!

Try Sangria

We’ve previously told you how to make a red wine Sangria that tastes delicious. If you swap out the red wine for Port, you can make a refreshing, mouth-wateringly good Port Sangria that’s perfect for summer evenings. The key to perfecting Port Sangria is to think carefully about what kind of fruit you add to the mix. Experiment with fruit and proportions so you make the right Port Sangria for you!

Port Summer Cup

In a recent article, BT revealed a great recipe for a Port Summer Cup, which is a really tasty concoction that works well during hotter months. All you’ll need is some Port, vintage cider, lemonade, strawberry puree and cucumber to garnish. Mix the Port, cider, lemonade and strawberry puree in a wide-brimmed glass, add ice and then top off with cucumber to create this beautiful drink!

Mix with tonic

If you want to keep things simple, but you don’t want to drink your Port neat, why not try mixing it with tonic? When creating this drink, it’s really important that you find the right proportions, so you whip something up that just bursts with flavour! Try garnishing your Port and tonic with fresh mint and teaming it with dark chocolate to create a fantastic culinary experience that works in the summer!

Experiment with Port with the Ideal Wine Company

Port Wine is what you make of it. Learn how to prepare Port, so you can determine how to draw the beautiful flavours out of this famous Portuguese drink and make it work for any season, including summer. Have some fun and experiment, so you find the perfect way to drink Port Wine this summer!


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