Download a Great Wine Review App

You may want to see what other people think of a bottle of wine before you buy it. Here at the Ideal Wine Company, we’ve learned that there’s a great wine review app you can download that will help you decide whether a particular bottle is right for you!

Finding wine reviews

The rise of digital technologies is rapidly changing consumer behaviour. A 2015 survey from Bright Local, a marketing company, found that 92% of consumers now read online reviews, rising from 88% the year before. In other words, consumers trust what other people say about products.

If you Google the phrase “wine review sites,” you’ll be greeted by a wide range of links such as Wine Spectator, Decanter and Cellartracker. These portals will supply you with a variety of reviews on every style of wine, from every wine making country, you could ever dream of. But what if you wanted to access the staggering volume of wine reviews posted online more conveniently?

Download Vivino

You can now download an app called ‘Vivino’ which will allow to access reviews from over 15 million wine enthusiasts across the world! You can get Vivino for IOS and Android, as well as Windows Phones. Once you download it, your life will never be the same again!

So how do you use Vivino? It’s really easy – all you have to do is snap a picture of a wine label on your phone. As we’ve suggested before, you can learn a lot from a wine label. The app will take it from there, using the information listed on the label to show you the vintage’s rating, average price and reviews! Then if you decide to buy the bottle, you can rate it for the benefit of other Vivino users!

Even better – the more you deploy your Vivino app, the more useful it becomes. Vivino automatically tracks and organises the wines you scan and rate. This gives the app the ability to build a comprehensive chart which displays your wine drinking experiences. Armed with this information, you will be presented with new wines to sample that appeal to your unique tastes!

Test the app out

Vivino is a truly amazing app. We would advise you to test it out for yourself so you can see just how Vivino can broaden your wine drinking experience. Say you want to buy the Harlan Estate 1998, a superior California red, from the Ideal Wine Company. If you have Vivino, you could try scanning the bottle’s label from the picture on our website.  This should allow you to access a range of reviews that could inform you whether this vintage is one you just have to try!


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