Dom Perignon To Launch London Pop Up

Dom Perignon, one of the world’s most prestigious Champagne brands, recently announced that it will hold a pop up stall in London this month, allowing guests to sample its luxurious products.

Luxury brand

In 2015, the UK and the US were the world’s largest Champagne markets. More bottles were sold in the UK, at roughly 34.2m than in the US last year. However, the value of Champagne sales was higher in the US, at €515m, with American consumers increasingly spending over US$100 per bottle. Consequently, luxury brands like Dom Perignon are gradually becoming more popular stateside.

Made by Moët & Chandon, Dom Perignon is a Champagne produced with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes. Like many Champagne brands, Dom Perignon makes top vintage bottles, with the first being produced in 1921, although it wasn’t sold commercially until 1936. You can find many of the brand’s classic vintages, like the 1993 and 2000, on Ideal Wine Company’s Dom Perignons list.

London pop-up

The latest vintage released by the brand is the Dom Perignon 2006, which retails at roughly £100 per bottle. However, you will be able to sample it for free, according to Decanter, an industry publication, for several days later this month, when Dom Perignon holds a free pop-up in Mayfair, London.

Running from 10am to 8:30pm, between 20th and 23rd October, Dom Perignon’s ‘Transformation’ pop-up will be held on South Molton Street, Mayfair. The name ‘Transformation’ refers to how each vintage changes in the brand’s cellars. Some are aged for seven years, others for 15, after which they are released as ‘P1’ or ‘P2’ ‘plenitudes,’ offering drinkers contrasting expressions of the same vintage.

With this pop-up, Dom Perignon is hoping to provide consumers with a “multi-sensory experience” of the prestigious sparkling wines it produces. Specifically, the pop-up will guide consumers through a 15 minute long simulation of Dom Perignon, allowing them to discover its sights, sounds and tastes.

Experience Dom Perignon

So if you are in London later this month, you might want to stop by Dom Perignon’s ‘Transformation’ pop-up. Not only will you get the chance to consume the 2006 vintage, which was produced under “exceptional” conditions, according to prominent reviewers, but you will get to learn why Dom Perignon has become a beloved Champagne brand all over the world. But if you aren’t planning to visit the UK capital soon, don’t worry, you can buy brilliant Dom Perignons from Ideal Wine Company!


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