What dictates the price of a Champagne?

Champagne is typically on the higher end of the alcohol pricing structure. But there are various factors which determine Champagne prices. Ideal Wine Company looks into the prices of Champagne.

Production method

One of the major differences between Champagne and Prosecco is the production method behind each drink. Both products are made via secondary fermentation, but Champagne utilises a more traditional method. This yields complex, high quality products which command high prices on the market, meaning that Champagnes are often more expensive than Prosecco.

Explaining vintage

Vintage Champagnes fetch higher prices than non-vintage equivalents. This is because vintage Champagnes are made with grapes cultivated from one exceptional harvest of a particular year, while non-vintage Champagnes utilise grapes from different years. Vintage Champagnes, therefore, are rarer, so consumers are often willing to pay more for the privilege of drinking them.

Looking into Cru

The phrases ‘Premier Cru’ and ‘Grand Cru’ are used in French wine to refer to the quality of terroir. The land upon which Champagne grapes are grown can also determine their prices, with higher quality land yielding more expensive products. These bottles are often really exclusive, because there is sometimes a limit on how many grapes can be grown on these lands annually.

Brand name

People will often pay more for a brand name product, due to exclusivity. This extends to Champagne, with prestigious brands often fetching very high prices. However, it is possible to secure brand name Champagnes at reasonable prices. We feature many reputable brands on Ideal Wine Company’s Champagne list, from Bollinger to Dom Perignon, selling their products at prices you’re sure to love!

Extra factors of Champagne prices

There are a number of other factors which can shape Champagne prices. Industry publication Glass of Bubbly reveals that this includes supply – the less Champagne there is, the more expensive it becomes and consumer trust – well known Champagnes often fetch higher prices due to their history of excellence. Other factors include grape varieties, production tools and even bottle design!

Buying wine online

In other words, a lot of time, effort and money goes into making Champagne, which is why this signature French sparkling wine can be pretty expensive. But if you head to online wine retailers such as Ideal Wine Company, you can find quality vintage Champagnes at reasonable prices. Buying wine online with us is really easy, and you can check out our wide selection of wines on our website.


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