Darlington Bar Holds Unique Wine Tasting Session

The Ideal Wine Company team has learned that a wine bar in Darlington recently held the most unique wine tasting event we’ve ever heard of.

Wine and food

The next time you go to a dinner party, you might want to take a bottle of wine. Not only is it a really nice gesture, but the subtle complexity of wine makes it the perfect complement for a range of dishes. If you’re looking for foods to pair with Rose wine, for instance, you might want to think about opting for dishes which include chicken, curry, salad or Spanish cheeses. The Vesuvio wine bar in Darlington has also now proved that there are certain wines that work fantastically with pastry.

Wine Tasting

The Daily Mirror reported that Vesuvio recently held a tasting session which paired a variety of wines with products from Greggs. The event, which was supported by the bakery chain, was designed to prove that wine and food matching doesn’t have to be formal, intimidating or complex.

The Darlington establishment’s event was attended by 30 wine enthusiasts, who received the opportunity to try eight unique combinations. The menu included ‘Mince Pie with Port,’ ‘Sausage Roll with a Portuguese Red,’ ‘Tuna Crunch Baguette paired with a Champagne-style Wine’ and ‘Festive Bake with a Medium Dry French Rose.’

Delivering something intriguing

Darren Shield, a wine expert who serves as director at Vesuvio Wines, commented: “I have worked in the wine industry for a long time and wine tasting can often be perceived as complex, overly formal, intimidating or even pretentious.

“We carefully attempted to match eight of Greggs’ popular products with eight of our wines and we think we delivered something very intriguing. It seemed to go down very well on the day and the feedback we have received since has been fantastic.”

Meanwhile Malcolm Copland, the commercial director at Greggs, added: “Our food is enjoyed by millions of people across the country and we recognise that customer tastes and eating habits are evolving, so our menu is too – and there’s no reason why our great food can’t be enjoyed with a fine glass of wine, occasionally!”

Sample our finest Port

We bet the ‘Mince Pie and Port’ pairing went down a treat! If you want to try this combination out for yourself, why don’t you buy Fonsecas Finest 1977 Vintage Port, which you can secure from the Ideal Wine Company for just £150 per bottle!


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