Could Wine Help Cure Acne?

News sure to delight and disappoint teenagers in equal measure was announced this week, as Ideal Wine Company read that wine could help cure acne.

The Health Benefits of Wine

Throughout our tenure as a seller of the best fine wines from around the world at prices you can afford, Ideal Wine Company has seen its fair share of studies over the years which either highlight or denigrate the health qualities of a good bottle of wine. So.. could wine help cure acne?

Often, when a study finds health benefits, it’s usually in red, and they are usually spurred on by an antioxidant known as resveratrol.  Experts have been debating its health credentials for years, but no one’s ever gone as far as suggesting it could be a cure for acne.

Resveratrol Can Inhibit Growth of Acne Inducing Bacteria

Until now. According to the Independent, new research from Scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), have discovered that resveratrol could help clear acne.

It used blood collected from healthy volunteers and those with skin conditions to test the theory that resveratrol could help cure the condition. The research, that eventually gained the title Resveratrol Demonstrates Antimicrobial Effects Against Propionibacterium acnes In Vitro,eventually  found that the antioxidant can inhibit the growth of acne inducing bacteria.

Resveratrol is an Anti-Inflammatory Compound with Antineoplastic and Wound-Healing Activities

After analysing cells using a high powered microscope, researchers discovered that Resveratrol “is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound that has been shown to have antineoplastic and wound-healing activities.”

They further found that“it has been demonstrated to inhibit inflammatory markers activation protein-1 (AP-1) and nuclear factor-kappaB (NF-jB), both of which have been implicated in the formation of inflammatory acne lesions.”

Cure Your Acne with a Glass of Luxury Red

Back to the original question… could wine help cure acne? It seems as though we could have a great cure for acne on our hands – just buy a bottle of luxury red and while the night away by the fire. Teenagers of the world – who comprise 85% of those affected by the condition – shouldn’t cheer too loudly though, as they’re too young to actually by this miracle cure!


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