Celebrity Chef Risks Angering French Wine Enthusiasts


If there’s one thing France are renowned for it’s their wine making. That’s why the Ideal Wine Company is unsurprised at people’s reaction when Gordon Ramsay started stocking British wine.

Bordeaux wine making

Bordeaux, located on Western coast of our neighbour across the channel, is undoubtedly the French wine production industry’s crowning jewel.

Figures collected by Wine Cellar Insider indicate that Bordeaux is the most popular wine region in the world. It produces a staggering two billion euros-worth of wine per year – the equivalent of almost 450 million bottles! This means that Bordeaux produces roughly 39 million cases of its famous red wine per annum, such as the Chateau Lafleur 1990, which you can buy from the Ideal Wine Company.

Le Pressoir d’Argent

As such, it’s no surprise that celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay recently decided to open a new restaurant in Bordeaux. Called Le Pressoir d’Argent, it’s located in the in the five-star Grand Hotel de Bordeaux Hotel and Spa, and features a wine list mainly composed of classic Bordeaux vintages, according to the Daily Mail.

However he’s now revealed that Le Pressoir d’Argent’s wine list will also feature English sparkling wines. Apparently Gordon has started serving sparkling wines from Kent, Cornwall and Sussex in his restaurant. Noted vintages that already appear on the list include Gusbourne Estate from Kent, Ridgeview from Sussex and Coates & Seely from Hampshire.

Wine epicentre

Speaking to Decanter, the celebrity chef explained: “We are working with several local winemakers, but it’s hard to single out a particular growth or wine – this is an oasis of magical growers that can’t be matched anywhere in the world.

“My objective is to have the wine to become our epicentre. The wine list will be mainly from Bordeaux, but we have gone outside the region also. And we had to include English sparkling wine. We haven’t had a riot yet.” Maybe not Gordon, but you’ve decided to feature English wine in Bordeaux of all places – who comes to Bordeaux to sample a vintage they can get back home!

Try a Bordeaux

At least Ramsay’s planning to take advantage of his fantastic location and feature Bordeauxs on the wine list at Le Pressoir d’Argent. If you want to see why we’re so relieved by that, why don’t you buy the Chateau Austone 1988 from the Ideal Wine Company, so you can sample a fantastic Bordeaux today!



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